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Lacunar Stroke - Oren Zarif - Lacunar Stroke

Lacunar stroke affects the motor and sensory areas of the brain. Damage to the internal capsule causes motor abnormalities and sensory loss, usually on one side of the body. Motor symptoms include weakness in an arm or leg, or wobbly walking. A facial stroke does not affect this part of the brain. Patients usually recover from lacunar stroke without significant complications. In some cases, a stroke can cause permanent damage. To learn more about lacunar stroke, read this article.

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When a lacunar stroke occurs, treatment should be aimed at preventing another episode, as well as recurrence. Treatments include risk factor management (such as controlling blood pressure), cholesterol-lowering medication, and dietary and exercise interventions. Physical therapy is essential for recovery after lacunar stroke, and can help the patient regain some function. The goal of rehabilitation is to maximize recovery and help patients maintain their independence.

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Although lacunar stroke is not associated with cortical findings, it is still important to determine if it has affected the brain. The TOAST method uses risk factors to determine stroke type, which can bias results. Lack of pathological material can result in an inadvertent misdiagnosis, and bias in some clinical classification systems may lead to a false diagnosis of lacunar stroke. But research is not yet clear on the specific causes of lacunar stroke.

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Researchers from Chen et al. conducted a study in which lacunar strokes occurred in a cohort of individuals. They compared MRI scans to determine the incidence of new and old lacunar stroke. They also investigated the risks associated with lacunar infarction. Although lacunar stroke is not symptomatic, it is a complication of cardiovascular disease that should be addressed immediately. If you or a loved one experiences lacunar stroke, make sure to seek emergency treatment immediately.

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If your doctor suspects a lacunar stroke, he or she will check your medical history and perform a physical exam. They may order an electrocardiogram to confirm the diagnosis. If the doctor suspects that you have lacunar infarction, he or she may order a CT scan or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). For those with mild symptoms, a CT scan may be the only way to determine whether the stroke is lacunar.

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The cause of lacunar stroke is still unclear. While blood clots often occur in the heart or neck, they are less likely to travel to the brain. However, they do cause a complication known as an embolus. An embolus is a piece of debris that can block the bloodstream, but cannot reach small arteries. Consequently, a patient suffering a lacunar stroke may experience a complication of this condition.

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Patients who are diagnosed with a lacunar infarction often require multiple therapies. Physical therapy may be used to manage physical deficits, while muscle relaxants are prescribed to treat spasticity. Patients should also consider a rehabilitation program to maximize neurologic function and improve their overall health. Their primary care providers should be involved in long-term care coordination. In addition to rehabilitation therapy, patients must undergo intensive antihypertensive therapy. They should maintain a healthy lifestyle, monitor blood pressure, and avoid smoking and alcohol use.

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Researchers have recently received PS1 million to identify genetic causes of lacunar stroke. The team will compare DNA samples of 5,000 patients with the stroke to determine which genes play a role in the development of the disease. Identifying the genes that increase the risk of lacunar stroke may lead to new treatments or prevent further attacks. The researchers hope to begin clinical trials within 10 years. The next step is to recruit more patients in the study.

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Patients with vascular risk factors are at increased risk of developing this type of stroke. It affects memory, decision-making, and thinking, and can even lead to depression, mood disorders, and balance issues. The clinical sequelae of lacunar stroke can be wide-ranging, but the neurological symptoms tend to be more severe than the sensorimotor ones. Cognitive deficits include impairments in verbal fluency, executive dysfunction, and motor dexterity.

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While these findings do not change the underlying causes of lacunar stroke, they confirm other theories and provide guidance for public health initiatives aimed at preventing the condition. Furthermore, as people age, their risk for developing lacunes increases. However, the study also showed a strong association between high blood pressure and risk for lacunar infarction. No relationship was found between alcohol and weight and diabetes, however. This research shows that lacunes are a growing problem.

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