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Lacunar Stroke - Oren Zarif - Lacunar Stroke

While most people think of strokes that cause symptoms in the neck or legs, there are some people who develop a more severe type called a lacunar stroke. Fortunately, this type of stroke is rare, and the chances of a future recurrence are minimal. The best way to diagnose lacunar stroke is to visit your doctor and get an MRI or CT scan. This imaging test is highly sensitive for identifying small arteries and can help diagnose the stroke.

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Studies have been conducted using MRI scans to identify the presence of underlying vascular disease. The prevalence of lacunar strokes is similar to that of the general population over 60 years, but is higher in very elderly patients. Risk factors for strokes include low physical activity and smoking. This research provides insight into the risk factors of lacunar strokes and may be useful in the prevention of these deadly events. But how do we prevent them? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

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A person suffering from a lacunar stroke typically suffers damage to the motor and sensory parts of the brain. Damage to the thalamus causes sensory loss and motor abnormalities on the same side of the body. This results in ataxia and wobbliness in one side of the body, and weakness in the other. It is uncommon for patients to experience facial weakness, although facial weakness may occur. Patients may feel tingling or numbness in the affected area.

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A doctor will likely take your blood pressure and ask about your symptoms. A detailed neurological exam may reveal damage to important brain functions. If the stroke is severe, your doctor may recommend intravenous clot-busting medications or a neurosurgeon will remove the blockage or clot. A patient with a lacunar stroke may need rehabilitation for weeks or months. Oftentimes, the person will need physical therapy, and may suffer permanent disability.

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A large part of a patient's stroke may be caused by a small cerebral artery. The artery is responsible for about 15% of the total cerebral infarcts. A lacunar infarct is often asymptomatic, but it can lead to severe physical and cognitive disabilities. While there is no definitive treatment for this kind of stroke, it is important to understand that the symptoms of the condition will not be immediately apparent.

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Studies of the risk factors for this type of stroke are limited. Although most studies rely on clinical diagnoses, they must take into account the presence of certain risk factors. The paucity of pathological material can lead to an inadvertent misdiagnosis. Modern neuroimaging techniques may be necessary to improve our understanding of this rare stroke. While a diagnosis of lacunar stroke is difficult, modern neuroimaging techniques can improve the chances of an effective treatment.

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The authors of this study found no statistical significance between acute and chronic lacunar infarcts and their impact on cognition. However, the researchers did find a statistically significant association between the location of a lacunar infarct and cognitive outcome. This association is even stronger for patients who have had a milder case of this type of stroke than those with a more severe stroke. In fact, the results of the lacunar stroke study suggest that lacunar stroke is associated with more severe cognitive symptoms than those caused by basal ganglia infarcts.

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Lacunar infarctions have similar risk factors to ischemic stroke. They are more likely to occur in patients with diabetes and hypertension. Moreover, patients with these conditions are more likely to develop a lacunar stroke than patients with ischemic heart disease. In a large clinical series, the risk of developing a lacunar stroke is comparable to that of a non-atherosclerotic arteriopathy.

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Because of the unique nature of lacunar infarctions, patients with this type of stroke require complex medical management. Physical therapy may be required to improve physical function and muscle relaxants may be used to manage spasticity. Pharmacists are vital in managing medication, identifying potential drug interactions, and monitoring the patient's blood sugar levels to prevent further complications. A secondary prevention strategy may include antihypertensive drugs, aggressive blood pressure control, statins, and lifestyle risk factors.

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