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Lacunar Stroke - Oren Zarif - Lacunar Stroke

The symptoms of lacunar stroke vary according to the specific area of the brain that has been affected. The brain contains areas responsible for sensation, movement, speech, and balance. Depending on the type of lacunar stroke, an individual can develop multiple strokes. These strokes may lead to dementia and emotional behavior, but there is no single cause of this disorder. Although the cause of lacunar strokes is not known, there are some possible factors that may increase the risk of developing one or more of these strokes.

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If you suspect you are having a lacunar stroke, your physician may order a CT scan and MRI to diagnose the condition. While these tests are not a cure for stroke, they can help your doctor rule out other possible illnesses. A CT scan allows doctors to view the blood vessels inside the brain. MRIs, on the other hand, are more sensitive and can show blockages. However, a CT scan can be misleading if it is not done correctly.

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Patients with one silent lacunar lesion have a worse outcome than those with two or more. This study suggests that patients with 1 silent lacunar lesion are at a greater risk of developing a second type of lacunar stroke. In addition, patients with a single silent lacunar lesion have a higher risk of death than those with multiple lesions. Although this study was small in size, the results were promising.

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One notable difference between a lacunar and pure motor stroke is the presence of a progressive hemiparesis. The onset of this condition is not the same in both types of stroke, which is important for developing an effective treatment. Nevertheless, a progressive hemiparesis is characteristic of the lacunar syndrome and is more common in women than in men. It is important to define progression in order to determine if a patient is experiencing a progressive motor deficit.

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Despite its widespread occurrence, lacunar stroke is often misdiagnosed. There are several factors that may make it difficult to differentiate it from another type of stroke. Specifically, lacunar stroke is often associated with vascular risk factors. Furthermore, it is associated with wide-ranging cognitive and sensorimotor sequelae. Cognitive deficits are more common than sensorimotor symptoms. These include impaired verbal fluency, executive dysfunction, and reduced motor dexterity.

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If a lacunar stroke is a symptom of a large vessel ischemic stroke, then there is a high likelihood that the underlying mechanism is atherosclerotic. In fact, the risk of stroke is highest in patients with significant carotid stenosis. Furthermore, if the stenosis is clinically significant, a carotid artery intervention may be recommended. In cases of lacunar stroke, a thorough neurovascular examination is required to rule out underlying medical conditions.

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Patients with a lacunar infarct require ongoing care from a neurologist, physical therapist, occupational therapist, and social therapist. Physical therapy is essential in the management of any physical deficits that may be associated with the ischemic event. In addition, muscle relaxants are often used to manage spasticity. In addition to these professionals, patients need to continue their rehabilitation therapy to regain neurologic function. Their primary care provider is responsible for long-term care coordination, as well as intensive antihypertensive therapy for lipids and hypertension. Blood sugar levels should be carefully controlled as well.

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The symptoms of a lacunar stroke depend on the area of the brain that is affected. It can affect the motor or sensory areas. In pure motor lacunar strokes, the affected area is the face, arm, or leg. In addition to weakness of the face, it can affect vision, hearing, and speech. In most cases, patients have sensory impairment on only one side of their body. A more severe type of the condition involves both the facial and the motor areas.

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There are many possible causes of lacunar stroke, and the underlying mechanism is not fully understood. However, the study found that a greater proportion of patients with lacunar stroke had an initial stroke, and more often than not, they had subsequent recurrent incidents of the stroke. Those who experienced both types of stroke will need to seek treatment for the symptoms associated with each type. These symptoms should be addressed by a stroke specialist.

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