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Lacunar Stroke - Oren Zarif - Lacunar Stroke

The risk of a lacunar stroke is increased in older people, smokers, and those with chronic high blood pressure or heart conditions. Individuals with certain lifestyle habits can reduce their risk. Including a balanced diet and 150 minutes of physical activity per week can reduce your risk. Keeping chronic health conditions under control and visiting a physician regularly are other ways to prevent stroke. It is also important to seek medical attention as soon as you experience a stroke, even if it seems to be a minor one.

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Doctors will assess your symptoms and order an MRI or CT scan. The doctor may choose to order a CT scan instead to rule out other medical conditions. This test is used to see the blood vessels, and if they are blocked, the dye can show that. In severe cases, the doctor may choose to do an MRI, which is considered the most accurate imaging test. If you're not sure whether you're suffering from a lacunar stroke, a doctor may order an electrocardiogram or a CT scan.

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Genetic research is another way to diagnose this type of stroke. The University of Cambridge, with collaboration from researchers worldwide, is now working to identify the genetic causes of lacunar stroke. It is hoped that by examining the DNA of 5,000 people who've suffered a lacunar stroke, they can identify genes that could play a role in this disease. If they're successful, the study may shed light on how the condition works, and on which types of medications might help.

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In addition to genetics, other risk factors can also affect your chances of developing a lacunar stroke. One study showed that hypertension was associated with a higher risk of developing this type of stroke. Diabetes and hypertension have been associated with increased risk of lacunar stroke. These findings may guide future public health projects aimed at stroke prevention. Similarly, lacunes can be silent or manifest as new infarcts.

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Researchers defined a lacune as an ill-defined hypodensity on MRI scans. The researchers double-checked these hypodensities to ensure they were indeed lacunes. The researchers also did not inform the neuroradiologist about the patient's medical history, their clinical findings, or the location of the lacune. And as far as risk factors go, the authors recommend further studies in these areas. If you have a lacunar stroke, contact your doctor right away. Your doctor will recommend an MRI to determine if this is a stroke.

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The study did not have a control group to compare to. Therefore, the results of studies with healthy controls could be misleading. Furthermore, the TOAST method used risk factors rather than pathological material for stroke diagnosis, which may lead to an inadvertent misdiagnosis of lacunar stroke. It should be noted that some studies used several different cognitive tests, which may confound findings from previous studies. Therefore, the research of lacunar stroke needs more work to understand how this type of stroke affects patients.

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Although lacunes are not usually symptoms, they represent markers of blood vessel disease in the brain. Although studies are limited, the findings may provide valuable insights into the development of stroke. Hypertension has been linked to vessel disease, so it should be a focus of a stroke prevention program. If your blood pressure is high, you may need an extensive embolic workup. However, a complete embolic study does not yield accurate results in lacunar stroke.

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Although patients with a lacunar infarction do recover well, rehabilitation is critical after the event. Occupational, speech, and physical therapy continue to be essential after stroke. Patients must also take a comprehensive approach to managing their risk factors, such as taking antihypertensive medications, quitting smoking, and limiting alcohol use. Ultimately, the goal of rehabilitation therapy is to maximize neurologic function. The primary care provider is responsible for long-term management of patients suffering from lacunar infarction. If a patient has high blood pressure or cardiovascular disease, they must undergo intensive antihypertensive therapy and control their cholesterol levels.

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Patients with lacunar stroke should undergo neuroimaging tests to identify brain infarcts. CT and MRI are used to display infarcts. MRI and CT scans are the only two imaging modalities that allow the diagnosis of lacunar stroke. Although brain tumors may be difficult to identify, they are identifiable by their characteristic appearance on the brain. For patients who have symptoms of lacunar stroke, imaging will help identify if it is a minor or major brain disease.

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