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Lacunar Stroke - Oren Zarif - Lacunar

Although a subset of lacunes are caused by emboli, the prevalence of such cases is low compared to other types of ischemic stroke. Nevertheless, there are several clinical and epidemiologic reasons to differentiate between lacunes and ischemic stroke. Here, we will discuss the clinical features and diagnostic criteria of lacunar stroke. Listed below are some of the common causes and treatment options of lacunar stroke. Let's begin.

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A clot can form in the heart or neck and travel through the bloodstream to the brain. The clot, or embolus, may not be large enough to travel to the brain, but it can obstruct the smaller arteries in the brain. Despite this, patients often recover from lacunar stroke. Although the size of the clot is usually smaller than 10 mm, it can cause damage to brain tissue.

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A diagnosis of a lacunar stroke is difficult to make without imaging the brain. A doctor will first evaluate your medical history and check vital signs. They may order an electrocardiogram and a CT scan. MRI is also a valuable diagnostic tool. The latter is particularly useful in identifying very recent lacunar stroke. A CT scan will also be helpful in determining whether you have this type of stroke. The results of this study suggest that lacunes are very common.

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Although lacunar stroke does not cause any physical disability, it may affect memory, decision-making, and thinking. It is therefore often associated with other conditions, including depression, mood disorders, and balance problems. The researchers have developed and refined an international database for lacunar stroke research. A branch of this database might help in this process. The use of different cognitive tests may also make it difficult to compare the results of two studies. A more holistic approach is needed to determine the causes of lacunar stroke and its impact on the brain.

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A doctor may also perform an outpatient evaluation. Treatment may include medications that improve circulation. Patients may also need to undergo physical therapy. Some patients may need several hours of physical therapy per day. Some patients may require several weeks or even months of rehabilitation. If the brain injury is severe enough, a person may need physical therapy or may suffer permanent disability. However, treatment of lacunar stroke is still necessary to make the patient functional. So, don't wait too long to see if your symptoms are related to lacunar stroke.

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Although it is important to distinguish between overt and undert lacunar infarcts, they have similar pathology. Lacunar infarcts may develop within pre-existing WMHs or develop on the borders of developing WMHs. These infarcts are known as incomplete lacunar infarction, and the latter is considered the pathological intermediate between overt lacunar infarction and WMH.

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The symptoms of lacunar stroke vary according to the area of the brain affected. Different areas of the brain control different functions, including movement, sensation, sight, speech, and balance. People suffering from high blood pressure may experience multiple lacunar strokes, resulting in neurological problems such as ataxia and dementia. If these strokes are not treated, they could lead to death. A patient may also develop other symptoms such as emotional behavior, clumsiness, and inability to perform tasks that require movement.

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Although there is no consensus regarding the exact cause of lacunar stroke, it is associated with a similar pathology to atheromatous plaques of the large arteries. Microatheroma is characterized by deposition of lipids in the subintima, proliferation of fibroblasts and smooth muscles, and recruitment of lipid-laden macrophages. The clinical presentation of lacunar stroke varies depending on the part of the brain affected. Some patients may experience severe hemiplegia.

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Internal carotid artery stenosis may play a role in the pathogenesis of lacunes. Stenotic lesions in the internal carotid arteries may cause artery to artery emboli and cause hemodynamic effects. In models adjusted for age, internal carotid artery wall thickness and maximum stenosis were more strongly related to the risk of lacunes. The risk of ischemic stroke was also higher in patients with a high level of internal carotid artery stenosis.

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One in five strokes is caused by a lacunar infarct. The resulting damage to brain cells prevents oxygen-rich blood from reaching the brain. Although lacunar strokes are rare and often asymptomatic, the death of brain cells can result in severe bodily functions, including death. The cause of lacunar infarction is not known. Fortunately, the symptoms of lacunar stroke depend on the location and the extent of the infarct.

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