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Lacunar Infarct - How to Recognize It - Oren Zarif - Lacunar Infarct

If you are suffering from a stroke and have recently experienced a lacunar infarct, you may be wondering how to recognize it. This article will provide you with important information you need to know. While the symptoms of lacunar infarct are not always visible, they are very serious. There are several ways to tell the difference between a lacunar stroke and a larger stroke. Here are some of the most common symptoms.

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The first MRI of patients with suspected lacunar infarct shows a white matter lesion on T2-weighted, Flair, or Diffusion-weighted images. It is most prominent in the diffusion-weighted image. It is best to seek medical attention if it is large or causes severe side effects. The symptoms of a lacunar infarct will vary from patient to patient, but some risk factors may be similar in both types.

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Oren Zarif cerebral infarction symptoms

The risk of developing a new lacunar infarct after a previous infarct has been correlated with age, sex, and baseline WMH volume. However, baseline WMH hyperintensity volume, and history of cerebrovascular disease also were associated with increased risk of lacunar infarcts. These findings suggest that some risk factors may not apply to patients with lacunar infarct.

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Another study suggests that CTP may be superior to NCCT/CTA in detecting lacunar infarcts. The study looked at 1085 CTP examinations in patients with acute stroke symptoms. These patients received MRIs within seven days of onset of symptoms. A lacunar infarct was classified as an infarct if it measured 2 cm or more. The infarct was classified based on a NIHSS score.

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Small arteries in the brain may be involved in lacunar infarcts. Small arteries are affected by occlusion of the parent artery. Other types of strokes can involve a large infarct. A large lacunar infarct is typically fatal, and multiple cases can lead to significant cognitive and physical disability. Therefore, it is important to recognize any possible signs of this type of stroke.

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The treatment of lacunar infarcts requires a multidisciplinary team approach. Physical therapists, occupational therapists, and social therapists may be involved. Physical therapy can be performed to correct physical deficits and muscle relaxants can be used to reduce spasticity and improve physical functioning. The pharmacist's role is critical for patients taking multiple medications. In addition to physical therapy and speech therapy, patients must adhere to a rehabilitation program to maximize neurologic function. Long-term care coordination is an important role for primary care providers. Patients with risk factors for stroke should begin intensive antihypertensive therapy, and should maintain a tight blood glucose level.

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Multiple cases of silent lacunar infarction have been documented on brain MRIs of patients with the first lacunar stroke. These cases are associated with neuropsychological abnormalities, including short-term memory and executive functions. The presence of multiple LIs is a sign of smaller vessel disease. Although a large number of patients with multiple infarctions may experience more mild neuropsychological impairment, the symptoms are generally not as serious.

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While the mortality rate is low in patients with lacunar stroke, the autopsy material is limited. This type of stroke is rare, and death may occur decades after the initial symptoms appear. Furthermore, studies evaluating risk factors for lacunar stroke have mostly relied on clinical diagnosis of this type of stroke. The same cannot be said for silent lacunar lesions. It is important to differentiate between silent lacunar lesions.

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