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Ischemic Stroke - Oren Zarif - Ischemic Stroke

An ischemic stroke occurs when blood to a part of the brain becomes blocked. A blood clot or plaque can block the blood vessel and cause the brain to lose blood flow and function. This essentially shuts down the body's main nervous system. People with ischemic stroke often develop symptoms quickly, such as drooping facial muscles, speech difficulties, and difficulty moving parts of their body. They may also experience sudden vision loss or trouble with balance.

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Treatment for an ischemic stroke varies. The goal of treatment is to remove the clot, break up the blood flow, and restore breathing and heart rate. Treatment may include several medications and procedures. Clot-busting drugs, such as tPA (tissue plasminogen activator), can greatly reduce the effects of the stroke and decrease the risk of permanent disability. Some doctors even use surgical procedures to remove the blood clot, which can be performed up to 24 hours after the stroke.

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An irregular heartbeat or heart valve may be a cause of a clot. Infections and blood clotting disorders may also cause blood clots. Severe infection can also cause a clot to form in the blood vessel supplying the brain. Low blood pressure can also reduce blood flow to the brain. Symptoms of ischemic stroke may include confusion, loss of balance, and muscle weakness. While physical examinations are typically sufficient to make the diagnosis, brain imaging is sometimes needed to rule out other conditions.

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The goal of treatment for acute ischemic stroke is to reduce the likelihood of vascular complications and cardiac arrhythmias. Antiplatelet therapy is recommended within 24 hours of presentation. Early physical therapy is also recommended. An interprofessional team of doctors will determine if an ischemic stroke is the cause. The decision to prescribe an antiplatelet agent will be made by the emergency department provider, a neurologist, and a radiologist.

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Rehabilitation is important in the treatment of an ischemic stroke. This treatment can help people regain coordination, motor skills, and other lost functions. Rehabilitation is often effective in restoring lost function, and younger people are more likely to recover faster than older patients. If the problem persists after one year, it is most likely permanent. Another important component of long-term recovery is quitting smoking. You can find out more about the treatment of ischemic stroke by visiting Mayo Clinic.

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An ischemic stroke is often mistaken for a TIA or other type of heart disease. Despite the differences in treatment, stroke symptoms are often very similar to those of TIA. Patients who experience both types should seek immediate medical attention for a diagnosis. A TIA is often accompanied by headache and other neurological symptoms. The best way to tell if you have an ischemic stroke is to seek a diagnosis by a physician trained in the field.

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There are many warning signs that could indicate an ischemic stroke. The symptoms may include drooping arms and face, sudden difficulty walking, dizziness, and blackouts. People may also have difficulty understanding speech and time. Patients may have a traumatic experience in recognizing symptoms of an ischemic stroke. You must be alert to these symptoms to get medical attention. They must be treated immediately if you want to recover and lead a normal life.

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Mechanical thrombolysis and a stent retrieval procedure can be performed if the symptoms start within six hours. Mechanical thrombectomy, however, is not recommended if symptoms begin within 24 hours. If your symptoms occur later, it may be necessary to undergo thrombolytic therapy in addition to mechanical thrombectomy. As with any surgical procedure, mechanical thrombectomy is a highly specialized procedure and should only be performed in hospitals that have experience using stent retrievers.

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The time threshold for persistent stroke symptoms is a good approximation. If symptoms persist longer than the time threshold, it is probably an ischemic stroke. However, the duration of brain ischemia is an important determinant. Without neuroimaging data, the severity of the ischemic event can't be determined. Therefore, the time threshold should be short enough to allow quick diagnosis. This is important because the length of time between ischemic stroke and TIA is critical.

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