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How to Treat a Concussion - Oren Zarif - concussion

If you have suffered a concussion, you may be wondering how to treat it. There are several steps you should take to get back to your normal routine. Although symptoms of concussion may appear right away, some people may not feel any pain or symptom for weeks or months. A physician can help you decide how to proceed. During the initial visit, the doctor will ask you a number of questions about the injury and the circumstances surrounding it. The physician may also ask you to complete a memory test and discuss your symptoms with family and friends. Brain imaging may be done as well.

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The recovery time for a concussion depends on the severity of the injury. During the recovery process, it is important to rest the brain, so it can heal properly. You should also limit activities that require concentration or physical activity. If you continue to experience symptoms of concussion, it may be too soon to return to those activities. Once you feel well, you should slowly resume your normal activities. You should also limit your time spent on electronic devices, and limit your time in sports or other activities that may aggravate your symptoms.

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Depending on the type of sports you play, the appropriate return-to-activity protocol is different for different sports and athletic activities. However, it is always advisable to follow a physician's orders. A medical professional should perform a thorough evaluation before allowing any athlete to return to sports after a concussion. The most common type of concussion treatment involves a gradual increase in activity. Once the athlete has fully recovered from the concussion, he or she can return to his sport.

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For students who have suffered a concussion, the recovery plan should be customized for each individual. A healthcare provider or concussion specialist will create a plan that will work for them. The school should be notified of the plan, and the student can begin the plan to recuperate. Some students may have to take several days off from school, but they should gradually add mental activities at home such as reading or writing in a journal. If symptoms return, the student should go home instead of going back to school.

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Symptoms of a concussion may also include difficulty speaking, walking, making eye contact, and memory problems. Some people have numbness in their arms or legs. Other signs of a concussion include trouble concentrating, and balance. A doctor will order a CT scan, MRI, or an electroencephalogram to determine whether or not there is a brain injury. In rare cases, a concussion may require surgery to treat.

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Symptoms of a concussion may appear right after an accident or gradually over time. If you lose consciousness, go to an emergency room immediately. The recovery of a concussion is largely dependent on rest. It may take days or weeks for symptoms to appear, so it is important to seek medical attention right away. It is important to note any new diagnosis and instructions given by the doctor. You may want to have someone with you for questions.

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A blow to the head can result in microscopic brain damage that is not visible on a CT scan. If the blow is serious, the brain tissue may swell and compress blood vessels. This can cause a stroke, as well. Even though the damage to the brain is not visible on a CT scan, it can be detected with a blood test and a CT scan. A concussion will result in a number of other symptoms, such as bruising, and will require immediate medical attention.

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The symptoms of a concussion vary, but most common are headaches, difficulty concentrating, balance, memory, and impaired concentration. A sudden movement of the head can jar the brain and cause damage to brain cells. The symptoms of concussion can last a few days, but if left untreated, can have serious consequences. This condition is treated with rest and pain medication. If you experience any of these symptoms, make sure to seek medical attention.

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A concussion usually results from a jolt to the head and causes slurred speech, confusion, and amnesia. Some people may not experience these symptoms immediately, but they can be confused, woozy, and wobbly. Your doctor can diagnose a concussion by performing a brain scan. However, you must remember that concussion symptoms usually only last for a short period of time, and you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

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