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How to Tell If You Have a Head Injury - Oren Zarif - Head Injury

Among the most common causes of a head injury are motor vehicle accidents, falls, and violent acts. There are also more spontaneous forms, such as subdural hematoma. While many of these injuries are traumatic, others are milder. Some of the symptoms of a head injury are listed below. Here are some of the most common types of head injuries and how to tell if you have one. And remember that no injury is completely harmless - you should seek immediate medical attention if you have suffered a head injury.

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Symptoms of a head injury can include changes in mood or behavior, difficulty performing complex tasks, and memory loss. Although most people make a full recovery after a head injury, you should visit your doctor if these symptoms persist or become more severe. Treatment depends on the severity of the injury and whether or not it was caused by an external force. For example, if you sustained a severe head injury, your doctor may prescribe you anti-seizure medication. This medication is necessary because seizures are possible in the first few weeks following a head injury.

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Symptoms of a head injury often mimic symptoms of other medical conditions. It is impossible to determine the full extent of a head injury immediately after an accident. A thorough medical evaluation and diagnostic tests will help confirm the diagnosis and determine the extent of the injury. A physician will perform a physical examination to check for signs of a head injury. Your doctor may also ask you about your medical history and details about the accident that caused the injury. A doctor may recommend further medical evaluation and follow-up if you are suffering from neurological problems.

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Even mild head injuries can cause serious complications. The soft brain within the skull is vulnerable and can be knocked against the face, resulting in swelling and bleeding. A mild or moderate head injury may cause temporary loss of consciousness. In severe cases, you may experience loss of consciousness and mental confusion. You may also lose consciousness for twenty minutes to six hours after the incident. In extreme cases, you may even be left unconscious and have permanent brain damage. So, remember to seek medical attention as soon as possible if you have suffered a head injury.

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A head injury may be a minor bump on the skull or a traumatic brain injury. There are three basic types of head injury: closed, open, and penetrating. Each one presents a different set of medical complications. Open head injuries may involve a broken skull, and are more likely to be severe than closed injuries. Regardless of the type of head injury, you need immediate medical attention. The following list includes some of the most common types of injuries and the treatment for each type.

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A head injury is a result of trauma to the scalp, skull, and brain. A closed head injury does not involve a brain injury, while a penetrating one does. Symptoms of a head injury can develop immediately after the trauma or may take hours or days to develop. Your physician may perform a physical examination and order a neurological examination. If you have experienced a head injury, the symptoms could include swelling, confusion, and nausea.

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In addition to the pain and swelling, a head injury may result in brain tissue damage. Small, uncomplicated blows to the head may injure soft tissues such as the skin. Small blood vessels in the brain may rupture, causing a red mark on the skin. A skull fracture, on the other hand, is a broken bone in the skull. If you suffer a head injury, your doctor may suggest surgery to remove the affected areas.

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