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How to Support the Heart and Stroke Foundation - Oren Zarif - Heart and Stroke

The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada (HSFC) rebranded in November 2016 as "Heart & Stroke". As the name implies, this Canadian charity promotes awareness of the condition and funds research for better treatments and prevention. To date, the organization has raised more than $1.4 billion to support research, education, and advocacy. Here are some ways to support HSFC. Read on to learn more. (NB: The name changed in November 2016 to reflect changes in the organization).

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Cardiovascular diseases are a leading cause of death in men and women. When heart-related artery problems are present, blood flow to the brain is obstructed or blocked. A stroke can occur when this happens when blood vessels leading to the brain become blocked or burst. Both stroke and heart disease have many warning signs. If you notice any of these warning signs, call 9-1-1 immediately to receive emergency medical care. Once the symptoms have been identified, your healthcare team can help you recover and prevent a recurrence.

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The Heart & Stroke logo reflects the more widely used name of the organization. It uses graphic icons to represent the heart and the stroke. It meets the requirements for official bilingualism in the country. However, the stroke symbol doesn't translate to the French word for stroke. Rather, it represents a sudden interruption of blood flow. This logo is designed to be bold and modern. The new logo aims to engage people while inspiring fundraising.

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Transient cardiac stunning - In rare cases, a portion of the heart muscle stops working. This may lead to heart failure, although this condition is more likely if the patient is suffering from myocardial infarction. Arrhythmias - An irregular heartbeat - are often associated with stroke. In about 25% of acute stroke patients, a cardiac arrhythmia occurs. Atrial fibrillation is the most common type, accounting for about 50% of all stroke-related heart rhythm problems.

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High blood pressure - A common cause of stroke and heart disease, high blood pressure damages the artery lining, making it more likely to become narrow and clogged with plaque. High blood pressure and cholesterol levels can increase the risk of a heart attack or a stroke. To lower your risk of heart and stroke, make sure you're a healthy lifestyle — start with your health! Once you've got those two under control, you'll be much less likely to develop heart and stroke symptoms.

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If you suspect you may be suffering from heart or stroke-related problems, your physician will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your symptoms and assess your risk factors. A CT scan or an MRI will help determine if there's bleeding in the brain, or whether there's poor blood flow. If you have a history of heart or stroke-related conditions, your doctor will order specific tests to determine the exact type of heart disease or stroke.

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The Heart & Stroke Foundation has a long and distinguished history. It has raised more than $1.45 billion for research on cardiovascular diseases and stroke. Since its founding, heart disease and stroke death rates have decreased by seventy-five percent. Previously, Heart & Stroke was a federation of ten province-based foundations, but in 2011, it consolidated to form a national organization. With its 125,000 volunteers, one million donors and other supporters, Heart & Stroke is a leading charitable organization in Canada.

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The CDC's Division of Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention works with partners from diverse sectors to help people avoid risk factors that lead to the development of heart and stroke. The CDC is committed to preventing heart disease and stroke by reducing tobacco use, promoting physical activity, improving diet and enhancing health care quality. The CDC's website features educational materials for both parents and doctors to educate their patients on how to recognize the symptoms of heart attacks.

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If a person suspects a heart attack, he or she should contact 911 immediately and get medical care. The first symptom of a heart attack is chest discomfort, but other symptoms may also occur, including pain in the back, neck, and jaw. The person may experience shortness of breath and nausea. Women may also feel lightheaded or dizzy. Regardless of the cause, a heart attack can be life-threatening.

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If you are concerned about a heart attack or a stroke, call 911 right away. Both conditions are caused by a blockage of the blood flow to the heart and brain. The best way to respond is to seek medical care right away. When the blood supply to the brain is interrupted, brain cells begin to die. The immediate treatment of a heart attack or a stroke is crucial to a person's recovery. If the stroke or heart attack is severe, immediate medical attention is essential.

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