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How to Spot Silent Stroke Symptoms - Oren Zarif - Silent Stroke Symptoms

If you're having one of these silent stroke symptoms, you may not realize it right away. The white spots and lesions are just signs of diminished brain cell function. If you've had this type of stroke, you might want to seek medical attention right away. But how can you tell if you've suffered from a silent stroke? Here are the symptoms to watch for. If you have any of these symptoms, you should call an ambulance right away.

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Managing your risk factors can also help reduce your risk of a silent stroke. Your healthcare provider can recommend treatment to lower your blood pressure and control your cholesterol. Your treatment may include a blood thinner. It will depend on your specific risk factors. You should also make sure to get regular exercise. Aerobic activity reduces your risk by 40 percent. Additionally, physical activity reduces the impact of stroke, so you'll have a better chance of a successful recovery.

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Most silent strokes are not obvious at first. The damage that silent strokes cause is cumulative. Consequently, people who have several silent strokes will develop clinical manifestations of cumulative injuries. This may include memory problems, difficulty focusing and concentrating, and emotional outbursts. It's important to seek medical attention as soon as possible after silent stroke symptoms are noticed. And remember, silent stroke symptoms may be difficult to identify until it's too late.

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If you have any of these risk factors, you're at risk for a silent stroke. This type of stroke occurs when a blood clot prevents oxygen-rich blood from reaching the brain. It usually affects parts of the brain that are not linked to vital functions. As the time goes on, silent strokes may cause progressive brain damage. If you have several silent strokes in your lifetime, your risk for an ischemic stroke increases.

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Unlike traditional stroke symptoms, silent strokes do not cause any noticeable signs or symptoms. When blood supply to the brain is suddenly cut off, it deprives the brain cells of oxygen, damaging them. As such, you may never know that you've had a silent stroke until a doctor looks at your MRI and notices small areas of brain damage. That's why it's crucial to get a diagnosis from a medical professional right away.

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If you've been experiencing any of these silent stroke symptoms, call an ambulance right away. Calling 911 will get you the medical help you need right away. The earlier you start treatment, the less chance of a second stroke. The sooner you treat your silent stroke symptoms, the more likely it is that you'll survive. It's also important to take care of your stroke symptoms if you don't want to suffer from a permanent disability.

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The first step in preventing a silent stroke is recognizing the signs. Silent stroke symptoms are generally subtle and hard to notice. In fact, they may be mistaken for the effects of a normal stroke. If ignored for too long, your silent stroke symptoms can lead to dementia and cognitive decline. And in the worst case scenario, they may be mistaken for a regular stroke. So, it's crucial to recognize silent stroke symptoms early to help prevent future problems.

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