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How to Prevent a Cerebral Stroke - Oren Zarif - Cerebral Stroke

It is very important to receive prompt medical attention following a stroke, as the first few hours after a stroke can be the most crucial therapeutic window. While some people may not realize their symptoms and think they'll go away on their own, it is important to understand them so that you can respond appropriately and ensure the best possible outcome. Common symptoms include severe head pain and unsteadiness, speech problems, and vision loss in one or both eyes. In addition to the above, there may also be a lack of coordination, and trouble speaking or expressing one's self.

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Although strokes occur mostly in men, more women than men die from them. People with genetic risks for stroke are more likely to develop one than someone who has no family history of stroke. Blacks, Hispanics, and Asian/Pacific Islanders have significantly higher stroke rates than Caucasians. People with a family history of stroke are also at an increased risk. And if you've already had a stroke, you're at an even greater risk of developing another one.

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While stroke can occur at any age, the number one risk factor is high blood pressure. High blood pressure affects people of all ages. Other risk factors include high cholesterol, diabetes, smoking, drug abuse, and atrial fibrillation. The more risk factors you have, the higher your risk is. Age does not affect the risk of a stroke, but it does make it more difficult to survive one. If you have these risk factors, be sure to take the appropriate measures to reduce them.

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Physical activity is important for preventing strokes. Particularly aerobic training is beneficial. Various exercises include walking, running, swimming, cycling, and fitness with low load. These exercises work your body in a complex way, reducing weight, improving blood vessels, and lowering stress. A daily workout should last at least 30 minutes and include some form of aerobic activity. Even if you do not feel like exercising, make sure you get plenty of rest so that your body can recover quickly.

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In order to properly diagnose a cerebral stroke, healthcare professionals use several brain imaging methods. These methods help doctors to identify the type of stroke, location, and extent of damage to the brain. After a thorough examination, they can prescribe treatment options. The most common method of imaging a brain is computed tomography (CT), which uses computer technology to create cross-sectional images of the brain. The MRI is often the first test recommended. Compared to a CT scan, an MRI shows cerebellum damage better. MRI is also widely used to rule out hemorrhagic stroke.

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The short-term prognosis of a cerebral stroke can determine treatment decisions and discharge. A clinical stroke diagnosis is crucial for determining treatment options, including early discharge or further investigation. Diagnostic tests must identify symptomatology when a patient is first assessed and measure recovery. Although imaging tests are less sensitive in short-duration stroke, they remain an essential tool for excluding mimics. When performed correctly, biomarkers can help physicians quickly identify a stroke.

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TIAs can be mistaken for a stroke because their symptoms will usually clear up within an hour or two. But they are still a serious medical concern, especially if accompanied by a severe underlying condition. Sadly, more than one in three people with a TIA will suffer from a stroke in the future. The majority of these strokes occur within a year of the initial TIA. It is important to recognize these symptoms in time to take action to prevent a stroke and ensure the best possible outcome.

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While the symptoms and course of cerebral stroke vary between individuals, some factors seem to be consistent. The NIH Stroke Scale, for example, measures neurological function and deficits through a series of questions and physical tests. The NIH Stroke Scale assesses alertness and ability to speak, as well as how well they can communicate and perform simple movements. Another test to evaluate a patient's symptoms is the Glasgow Coma Scale or the Modified Rankin Scale. The Barthel Index is an additional tool used to determine disability due to a cerebral stroke.

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Another cause of stroke is narrowing of small arteries. This condition is caused by progressive scarring of the blood vessel's wall. As the walls become weakened, they are more likely to rupture, allowing blood to gush into the space adjacent to the brain, causing a dangerously high level of intracranial pressure. Fortunately, small cerebral aneurysms don't usually cause symptoms, but if the aneurysm is large, it may require a neurosurgical procedure.

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