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How to Prevent a Brain Stroke - Oren Zarif - Brain Stroke

A person's chances of developing brain stroke vary depending on their family history. People with specific genetic factors are at higher risk than the general population for stroke. The most common cause of stroke is the blockage of an artery to the brain. When the blood vessel becomes clogged, the part of the brain that needs blood and oxygen cannot receive it. When this happens, the clotting process begins. As the clot builds, it begins to affect brain tissue and eventually leads to stroke.

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Many symptoms of stroke include sudden weakness on one side, drooping of the face, and difficulty in lifting an arm. Cerebral palsy is another permanent complication of stroke. Children may have severe problems with their movements and speech after a stroke. Infants and young children with a stroke may have difficulty speaking and understanding others. The brain is capable of replacing lost nerve cells, and healthy areas can compensate for damaged areas.

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While some conditions increase a person's risk for stroke, many of these conditions have no known cause. If you notice these symptoms in your child, call 911 immediately. Make sure to document the time when the symptoms first began. A brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is the standard test for identifying a stroke. If MRI is not available, computed tomography (CT) scans are also a viable option. Other tests such as transcranial doppler and ultrasound of the brain are also used to look for abnormal blood vessels.

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Rehabilitation exercises are crucial for the recovery of a stroke patient. In a stroke rehabilitation program, patients perform targeted exercises that stimulate neuroplasticity. These exercises target a specific side of the body, such as the left, and reinforce critical thinking. Similarly, those who suffer from a stroke on the right side should focus on restoring creativity and meditative thinking. These exercises help the brain adapt to the new circumstances. A social support system can help patients cope with the difficult recovery process after a stroke.

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People from certain ethnic groups have a higher risk of stroke. Black and Hispanic Americans have a higher age-adjusted incidence of stroke than Caucasians. These ethnic groups also have a higher death rate due to stroke. If no measures are taken to prevent stroke, the death toll could rise to 6.7 million. Stroke is the leading cause of death and disability in the world, accounting for 116 million years of healthy life lost annually.

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Despite its high mortality and disability rates, brain stroke is a preventable disease. Using the latest technology, medical practitioners are able to find and treat stroke patients in less than half the time it took to diagnose and treat a heart attack. A stroke can leave you unable to speak, experience memory loss, or be completely paralyzed. In India alone, 20 million people suffer from stroke each year and almost five million of them do not survive.

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