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How Imaging Can Be Used to Differentiate Between Major and Minor Stroke - Oren Zarif - Minor Stroke

Patients who are classified as having minor stroke are those who have at least one deficit on the NIHSS. While minor stroke can occur in patients with severe deficits on one or more items, some stroke physicians consider hemianopia as more severe than a mild facial weakness or dysarthria. In addition, a minor stroke patient must be conscious and score at least 1 on every item on the NIHSS. In addition, the patient must have at least one NIHSS item that shows mild functional deficit.

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A large proportion of people who experience a minor stroke don't recognize the signs and symptoms of a major stroke and fail to get the necessary treatment. Symptoms of a TIA, often called a mini-stroke, may last for a few minutes and may not require emergency care. A majority of patients did not seek medical attention within three hours after noticing the symptoms. This rate was consistent across age groups, sex, education, and socioeconomic status.

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The symptoms of a minor stroke include speech changes and difficulty repeating simple phrases. Symptoms of a minor stroke should prompt a call to 911 and a visit to a hospital. About 90 percent of these episodes are caused by plaque-filled blood vessels in the brain or a blood clot traveling from another part of the body to the brain. However, imaging is not always an accurate indicator of minor stroke. A study is needed to better understand how imaging can be used to distinguish between major and minor stroke.

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One study found that a hybrid clinic model improved care for patients with a minor stroke. Neurovascular clinicians assessed risk of recurrent stroke and triaged patients to a specialized ward. This improved overall health outcomes, and decreased hospital stays and 30-day readmission rates. However, the study's nonrandomized design may affect comparisons. It also suggests that a combination of a hospital setting and an outpatient clinic may be an effective treatment for patients with TIA.

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While TIA is not an immediate risk factor for a major stroke, treatment can improve the patient's chances of a recurrence. If the ABCD2 score is four or higher, dual antiplatelet therapy is recommended. At the same time, a minor stroke can be distinguished from a high-risk TIA by the NIH Stroke Scale. The NIH Stroke Scale is a scoring system that compares the degree of consciousness and attention of the patient.

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Recovery time from a minor stroke depends on the type and severity of the disease. Regardless of the type of stroke, recovery times are often shorter than for those who suffered severe or life-threatening strokes. While recovery is not guaranteed, mild stroke recovery is achievable with a rigorous therapy regimen. The goal is to maximize the patient's chances for a full recovery. And the more attention the patient has to his recovery, the faster his or her brain will heal.

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The outpatient clinic setting for a minor stroke patient has been shown to improve outcomes and reduce the number of days a patient spends in the hospital. Aarhus University Hospital is one of two high-volume stroke centers in Denmark and receives all patients with a stroke in the Central Denmark region. The outpatient clinic is staffed by a neurovascular senior physician, a registered nurse, and therapists when needed. This new outpatient clinic is expected to reduce acute hospitalizations and improve quality of care.

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Symptoms of TIA are similar to those of a stroke, but they are not permanent and often last less than a day. TIA treatment will aim to prevent the onset of a more serious stroke. A person may also undergo lifestyle changes and avoid risks that can lead to a stroke. A TIA is still a medical emergency. However, a patient must not delay seeking medical attention because the symptoms of the stroke can be temporary.

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Majority of patients with ischemic stroke present with a minimal deficit, and aggressive management is not considered necessary. Comprehensive workups result in better patient outcomes, lower costs, and fewer cases of disability. Imaging is a key modality for diagnosis and treatment. Using imaging to detect underlying causes may improve functional outcomes and prevent stroke recurrence. Further, thrombolysis has potential to reduce hospital costs and improve patient care.

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Aside from reducing the risk of major stroke, a healthy lifestyle can also help you feel and look better. In addition to these lifestyle changes, a healthy lifestyle can reduce the symptoms of TIA. TIA patients should avoid smoking, as cigarette smoke clogs the arteries and increases the risk of blood clotting. A low-fat diet with low-fats is also helpful in lowering blood cholesterol. In addition, alcohol consumption should be restricted to one or two standard drinks per day. TIAs should be reported to emergency medical professionals as soon as possible, and people should always call 911 in case they have a TIA.

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