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How Brain Injury Can Lead to Disabilities - Oren Zarif - Brain Injury

There are several ways in which brain injury can result in disability. For example, a patient who has suffered a major blow to the head may be confused. They may have trouble remembering recent events or repeat things they have already said. Generally, the longer the confusion lasts, the more damage has occurred to the brain. While a person may be able to recover from a mild head injury, a person who suffers a moderate brain injury may be unable to remember anything for several months or even years.

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Secondary brain injuries occur after the initial injury. These may occur because of low blood pressure and increased intracranial pressure. In addition, if the brain tissue is damaged, the condition is called a traumatic brain injury. These injuries can range from very mild to severe, and treatment may vary depending on the severity of the brain damage. Patients suffering from traumatic brain injury often need rehabilitation therapies, and counseling may be necessary. Brain scans can help determine the level of damage.

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A brain injury may also result in brain hemorrhage. This can happen if a blood vessel in the brain bursts. Similarly, intracranial pressure may increase during a brain injury, preventing blood from reaching the brain's tissues. This causes a major focus of treatment, especially early after the TBI. If this condition is not treated quickly, it could result in more damage to the brain. If the brain suffers from too high a pressure, it may become impossible to get enough oxygen.

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Patients suffering from severe to moderate traumatic brain injuries may need sedation. During the first week after an accident, patients may be given anti-seizure drugs to control seizures. Anti-infection medications may also be given. In rare cases, patients may need surgery to repair broken skull bones, remove bleeding vessels, and relieve high intracranial pressure. If the patient's condition worsens, an induced coma can be a good option.

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The majority of brain injuries occur from traumatic causes. This kind of head trauma is usually caused by car crashes or falls, although a person can also sustain mild TBI as well. A person with a traumatic brain injury will most likely experience several different kinds of injuries, and may have multiple brain injuries. Therefore, a person with a TBI should be evaluated immediately by a doctor. They must be admitted to a hospital immediately if they are unable to answer questions related to their diagnosis.

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While a person can recover from a mild head injury, severe traumatic injuries are more difficult to treat. The symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder include disorientation, loss of consciousness, and prolonged headaches. Some patients may require surgery after the accident. Although there is no cure for severe traumatic head injuries, patients may experience long-term difficulties, including depression, fatigue, and emotional problems. The average recovery time for a severe head injury is three to four months. It can take up to two years before the person returns to their normal state.

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If you feel any of the symptoms of moderate traumatic brain injury, seek medical care immediately. The medical personnel will stabilize the patient and focus on preventing further damage. They will also focus on controlling blood pressure and oxygen to the brain. A medical examination may also include imaging tests to determine the extent of the damage to the brain. A blood test recently approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is now available to assess the severity of the injury.

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A sudden movement of the head or body can cause the brain to twist or bounce. This causes chemical changes and disrupts the function of brain cells. The effects of traumatic brain injury can range from headaches to confusion. Mild TBIs do not cause permanent damage to the brain. Severe TBIs, on the other hand, can lead to permanent brain damage. The brain may even swell and lead to further damage. If a person experiences a TBI, it is essential to seek medical help immediately to prevent serious brain damage.

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Although many brain injuries cause bleeding, some do not. There are three primary types of brain injury. Diffuse axonal injury is similar to concussion in that it results from violent movements of the head. This injury can result in tears in brain connections that are microscopic in size. Large tears can be fatal. The severity of the symptoms depends on the area of the brain involved, the severity of the tears, and any other injuries to the brain.

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