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Head Injuries - Oren Zarif - Head Trauma

Although most head injuries are minor and do not require treatment, a mild brain injury can have severe consequences. If you or a loved one sustains a head injury, seek medical attention immediately. Injuries to the brain are often irreversible, so it is vital to obtain a proper diagnosis and receive immediate medical care. For more information on head injuries, visit the Mayo Clinic. This website contains health information free of charge. A physician will determine the severity of the injury and determine the best course of treatment.

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A direct blow to the head can result in a traumatic brain injury, while shaking the child's head can also cause an injury. When the brain hits the skull, it jolts backwards, causing internal tearing of the blood vessels. This jarring action can result in bleeding, swelling, and further bruising. Traumatic brain injury can be deadly in approximately 50% of cases. If you notice any of these symptoms in your child, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

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A CT scan can be helpful in diagnosing a head injury. The CT scan will look for fractures, signs of bleeding, and swelling of the brain. Among the best ways to avoid suffering a head injury is to wear a seat belt or helmet when you are riding your bike or driving. It is best to wear a seat belt when riding a motorcycle because this will protect your head from injury. The symptoms of a minor head injury may only be mild and will go away on its own.

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The Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) is a 15-item scoring system used to assess a patient's level of consciousness. A patient with a GCS score of thirteen to fifteen indicates mild head trauma. Most mild patients recover slowly. Patients with moderate head injuries do not fare as well, with 60 percent making a full recovery and only 25% suffering a moderate disability. A significant number of cases, however, are more serious and require emergency medical care.

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While traumatic brain injuries are caused by motor vehicle accidents, falls, and violent assaults, they can occur in a wide range of settings. For example, falls pose a particular danger for older adults because they are more likely to experience a fall. Falls may also cause a subdural hematoma, which is a blood clotting problem. In addition to the above, age is another risk factor, as older individuals are more likely to fall and sustain a traumatic brain injury.

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People aged 75 and older are more susceptible to TBI than anyone else. This age group has the highest rates of TBI, with approximately thirty per 100,000 people experiencing a head injury each year. In the United States, 50,000 people die from traumatic brain injuries each year, accounting for approximately 34 percent of traumatic death. And after age thirty, the mortality risk begins to rise. Major causes of head injury are falls, motor vehicle crashes, and suicide.

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For infants and children under two years of age, minor blunt head trauma is defined as a trauma characterized by loss of consciousness, altered mental status, and abnormal behavior per caregiver. If the patient experiences agitation or lethargy or scores fourteen or greater on the Glasgow Coma Scale, it is most likely that the child has suffered a mild head trauma. Acute injuries caused by head trauma can be classified as "mild" or "minor," with the lowest risk being the result of a violent fall.

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In the case of older adults, it is vital to seek medical attention and avoid playing contact sports until fully recovered. In addition to preventing concussion, a doctor may recommend a head protector to protect the brain from further damage. A serious head injury can require extended hospitalization, long rehabilitation, and permanent disability. Therefore, prevention is the best way to reduce the risk of severe head trauma. If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, always wear protective headgear and avoid causing a head injury.

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If your loved one suffers a serious head injury, you must get immediate medical attention. In the case of minor injuries, do not move them more than is necessary. Call an ambulance to see if there is any further damage. If the injury is severe, the injured party may require hospitalization. Depending on the severity of the injury, the treatment will depend on the severity of the head injury. For example, if the brain is damaged severely, the victim may require anti-seizure medication to prevent seizures. Seizure medication may also be needed, and it is important to get the proper diagnosis as early as possible.

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