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Head Injuries in Children - Oren Zarif - Head Injury

There are several types of head injuries, and the severity of each injury varies. Open head injuries happen when an object enters the brain. Examples include a bullet or glass from a car windshield. Closed head injuries are less serious and may not be noticeable from the outside. However, if you notice bleeding or swelling inside the brain, you may have sustained a serious head injury. Other symptoms may include severe headaches, drowsiness, loss of consciousness, and slurred speech.

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If you have a serious head injury, you should seek medical attention right away. Although many symptoms of brain injury will not manifest immediately, you should monitor them for a few days. If symptoms persist, call 911 or go to an emergency room. The sooner you seek medical treatment, the better. And don't wait too long if you have any concerns. In some cases, a head injury can be fatal. Regardless of the severity, the next step is to contact emergency services.

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While the severity of the brain injury will vary between children and adults, you should take the appropriate measures to protect your child. In some cases, a child may lose the function of their muscles, speech, vision, hearing, and even personality or behavior. Fortunately, there are many treatments available to help children recover from head injuries. A skilled medical professional can help your child regain normal function and self-esteem. And you should also take note of your child's age and general health.

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Treatment for a head injury depends on its severity and location. For minor TBIs, your doctor may recommend pain medications and medicine to control nausea or vomiting. During your recovery, your physician will give you instructions on how to return to normal activities and avoid further trauma to the head. Patients with serious injuries may require emergency care or more extensive treatment, such as surgery to drain a hematoma or relieve pressure on the brain. For severe head injuries, you should seek medical attention immediately after your accident or collision.

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While many cases of head injury are caused by a motor vehicle accident, some are not. Violent assaults, falls, and violence are the most common causes. In some cases, the brain is injured spontaneously, and subdural hematomas can occur even without an injury. The most common causes of head injury in the U.S. are falls and violent assaults. Military combat exposure to blast explosives is another common cause of head injury. Without shrapnel, the brain can still suffer movement as the soldier recoiled from the blast.

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A common type of head injury is called concussion. It involves an injury to the brain that results in loss of alertness or consciousness for a short period of time. The severity of open head injuries depends on the magnitude of the impact and the vector of forces involved in the accident. There are different types of concussion and what type you suffered. If you've sustained an injury due to a fall, call your doctor. You might have an open or closed head injury.

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While a fractured skull is a common complication of a head injury, many people don't realize that there is a more serious complication. If your brain has been damaged, it could suffer from an underlying condition known as diffuse axonal injury. This condition is characterized by a combination of brain cells damaged by the trauma. The result can be permanent damage to the brain, even death. And while not all head injuries cause bleeding, if it does, it's important to get the correct treatment as soon as possible.

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Children and teens who show signs of concussion may suffer more serious brain injuries. They may not remember anything that happened before they were hit. They may even forget the score of a game, their opponent, or instructions. There may be a change in mood or personality. Another symptom is dizziness. Dizziness and blurred vision may also be signs of concussion. Further investigation is necessary to determine whether the injury has led to a more serious problem.

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The extent of a head injury affects the outlook of the injured person. For instance, a person with a head injury should not participate in contact sports until all symptoms are gone. Performing sports activities with a concussion increases the risk of another one and could cause further problems. Further head injuries are particularly risky for children because the brain is developing. In addition, drinking excessively can worsen the condition. The consequences can be severe, including death.

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