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If you or your child has suffered a head injury, you will be advised to seek emergency medical attention as soon as possible. Although you may not be able to remember the accident, a witness will help the doctor determine if you have lost consciousness. The doctor will examine you for signs of trauma, such as swelling and bruising. Neurological damage will be assessed by assessing nerve function, eye movement, and sensation. Your child may also experience memory loss.

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There are two types of head injuries: open and closed. Open head injuries occur when an object enters the brain. In a car accident, glass may enter the head. Open head injuries are more likely to cause bleeding and swelling inside the brain. Other signs of a head injury are a severe headache and bloody fluid from the nose. Memory loss and slurred speech are also signs of a serious injury. The first stage of treatment depends on the nature of the injury.

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Severe head injuries can also affect the body's major organs. Even if you do not lose consciousness, you may have significant damage to your neck, arms, and legs. Even your personality can be affected by a severe head injury. Your child may also exhibit short or long-term behavioral changes. Physical, occupational, or speech therapy may be necessary to treat a severe head injury. If you have a child who is playing a sport or a game, ask him or her if they remember the game before the injury.

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In most cases, your child will recover completely after a head injury, although some may have lingering symptoms for days or even months. Even though most children recover from head injuries quickly, some may have permanent damage and need to stay in the hospital for further follow-up. If you suspect your child has suffered a head injury, seek medical attention immediately. If your child continues to have symptoms, see a doctor for more information. And if possible, wear protective headgear.

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If you have suffered a head injury, it is essential to visit a medical professional as soon as possible. Your doctor will examine your head and ask you questions about the nature of the injury. The doctor may recommend that you stay in the hospital so he or she can monitor your condition. Further medical follow-up is essential if you have any doubts about your condition. And remember, the doctor cannot be sure what to prescribe based on the symptoms alone.

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Your doctor may order a CT scan. This test uses a radiofrequency and magnetic field to produce detailed images of the brain. The CT scan may also reveal fractures or bleeding inside the brain. Using a CT scan will help your doctor determine the extent of the injury, and it will also help him decide how to proceed with your care. If you are in pain, a CT scan is an excellent option. If your child has a fractured skull, you may need a fusion surgery, which is done by the same doctors who performed the surgery.

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A head injury can range from a bump on the head to a broken skull. Even a minor bump on the head can cause swelling of the brain and damage to the brain cells. The skull and surrounding tissues are designed to protect the brain from serious injuries, but the brain is still extremely delicate and sensitive. A concussion is a mild type of TBI. The symptoms of concussion can last for a day or two, depending on the severity of the injury. Another type of head injury is a contusion, which is a bruising of the brain.

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Head injuries can range from minor bumps on the skull to traumatic brain injuries. A closed head injury is a bump on the skull, while an open one means that the object broke the skull and went straight to the brain. If your head injury is a closed one, it will be less serious than an open one. A doctor may order a CAT scan or neurologic exam to check the severity of the injury. Depending on the severity, your doctor will prescribe medications or surgery if necessary.

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If you are involved in a collision, you may have sustained a head injury. The soft brain is knocked against the inside of the hard skull, causing bleeding and bruising. A moderate head injury will result in confusion and a headache. Some victims may even experience loss of consciousness for a brief period. The worst case scenario is an extended hospital stay. Even though this type of injury is relatively minor, it is vital to seek medical attention immediately after a collision.

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