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The F.A.S.T. campaign is a great way to learn about stroke symptoms and take action if someone experiences one. If you suspect a stroke, call 911 immediately and do not drive to a local emergency room. Emergency medical services can start treatment before you arrive. The sooner you call, the better the chance of recovery. Remember, your stroke could have fatal consequences, so you should be vigilant. Follow the steps below to help prevent the onset of a stroke.

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If you notice any of the following signs, call 911 immediately. Symptoms of a stroke include difficulty walking, arm weakness, difficulty talking, or facial weakness. If you notice any of these symptoms, call 911 and don't drive to a medical center. You don't want to put your health at risk by putting off treatment. It is vital to seek medical care as quickly as possible to minimize damage to your brain and ensure full recovery.

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The sooner you get medical attention, the better. The earlier the clot is removed, the less likely you'll suffer from brain damage. Depending on the severity of your stroke, you may only experience one of the FAST signs. If you notice these signs within a few minutes of experiencing them, call 9-1-1 immediately. If your symptoms last less than an hour, they may be a transient ischaemic attack. If you think you may have a stroke, call 911 immediately.

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It's also important to know what symptoms to watch for if you think you're suffering from a stroke. Some signs of a stroke include drooping face, difficulty speaking, and speech abnormalities. It's crucial to call 911 or visit the emergency room right away. Your doctor may even be able to perform the FAST test for you if you're having any of these symptoms. The sooner you call, the better.

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Whether it's a manic episode, or a stroke in a woman, you need to go to the emergency room as quickly as possible. If your friend or loved one has suffered a stroke, don't wait another second. Every second you leave the scene without medical attention, 30,000 brain cells die. To avoid such a tragedy, contact a medical professional immediately. They can assist you in your case. You can download the FAST signs of stroke and print them out. This awareness campaign can save lives and spread the word about stroke.

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The FAST method may not identify all cases of stroke. In fact, it missed fewer than half of ischemic and transient ischemic strokes. But the FAST method missed nearly 30% of hemorrhagic strokes, which make up about 11.1% of all strokes. You should also know how to identify a stroke if you suspect one. So call 9-1-1 right away. The signs of a stroke are the same for men and women.

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Some signs of a stroke include numbness or weakness in one arm. You may be unable to walk, speak, or balance. You may experience a severe headache, which may be different from a headache you have had in the past. A fast stroke treatment can save your life and lessen the damage to your brain. This is the best way to help your loved one recover quickly. With this treatment, the stroke can be averted and more victims can walk away from the hospital.

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Once a stroke has occurred, the brain's oxygen supply is cut off. Without oxygen, brain cells die. The brain's control part cannot function. Symptoms can vary in severity from mild to severe and may improve over time. However, if the symptoms are not treated quickly, they can remain for the rest of your life. It may even affect your speech, ability to move, and vision. In addition, a stroke can cause permanent damage to the brain.

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A recent study explored whether the Act FAST campaign affects the perceptions and behaviors of people who had experienced a stroke. The study concluded that the campaign increased the likelihood of receiving thrombolytic therapy. Early diagnosis also helps decrease the chance of infirmity and death. Nevertheless, further samples of the Act FAST campaign are needed to further understand whether it has an effect on the patients' responses. The FAST campaign aims to improve the overall awareness and response to stroke symptoms.

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Despite its success, the FAST campaign has not reached its full potential. The study found that participants' knowledge about stroke symptoms was not translated into action in a real stroke emergency. In many cases, witnesses and people who have witnessed a stroke do not apply the knowledge from the FAST campaign, contributing to the delay in seeking medical attention. As a result, the FAST campaign may only impact the people who witness a stroke. It is important to note that the majority of witnesses who call 911 do not recognize the symptoms of a stroke.

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