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Eye Stroke Symptoms and Treatment - Oren Zarif - Eye Stroke

An eye stroke is a medical emergency that causes a loss of vision. The stroke is caused by an obstruction of the retinal veins. Blood clots or plaque can cause a blockage in the retina, which prevents oxygen from reaching the brain. In some cases, the retina may even become detached. If you experience any of these symptoms, see a doctor as soon as possible. Some people may require a year of monitoring after an eye stroke.

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To diagnose the condition, a doctor will review your medical history and evaluate your central vision. Your visual field and retina will also be examined to look for changes in your vision. Your doctor may also order a blood test and monitor your blood pressure to rule out other medical conditions. Once a diagnosis has been made, the treatment process can begin. To protect your vision, treatment is vital. Treatment is focused on restoring your vision. A doctor can help you navigate the complicated world of treatment.

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People who experience sudden loss of vision should go to the emergency room. It may be an eye stroke or another condition. Both can cause temporary or permanent vision loss. While eye stroke does not cause pain, some people with certain medical conditions have a greater risk of experiencing it. Even though it is rare, some people with certain medical conditions may be at risk for eye stroke. However, in most cases, patients who experience a stroke do not have any symptoms at first.

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If you or a loved one suffers from an eye stroke, get to a hospital as soon as possible. Eye stroke symptoms may be a temporary loss of vision, but can be a warning sign of future loss of vision. Emergency departments at several Mount Sinai hospitals are equipped to diagnose an eye stroke quickly and effectively. In addition to emergency room physicians, trained staff are available round the clock to take photographs of the eye and administer treatments. The sooner you seek treatment, the better the chances for survival.

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Some symptoms of eye stroke include an increased sensitivity to light, double vision, and processing problems. People with increased sensitivity to light may have difficulty tracking objects, following objects, and changing their vision rapidly. They may also experience nystagmus, where one eye wobbles or becomes disoriented in brightly lit environments. In addition, it can be difficult to see well in the dark. Fortunately, many patients recover with the help of prisms.

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A reduced blood flow to the eye is similar to the circulation of the front part of the brain. Because the front part of the brain is connected to the retina, the chances of an eye stroke are similar. This is why eye stroke is a strong indicator of a brain stroke. If you have a history of stroke, you should get checked immediately. An eye stroke may be a warning sign that your blood pressure is too low. Your doctor may prescribe antihypertensive drugs that reduce blood pressure to a level too low when you are sleeping.

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Another risk factor for eye stroke is diabetes. If you have diabetes or high blood pressure, it is important to monitor the condition closely. These risk factors may cause stroke. You can also be at risk for this disease if you have glaucoma or a history of high blood pressure. You should make sure you get an eye exam every year. It may help prevent this eye stroke from becoming a devastating health issue. A doctor should also monitor your blood pressure and other cardiovascular problems so that you can be screened for this condition.

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If you suspect an eye stroke, you may have to undergo emergency treatment. Your doctor will likely give you TPA therapy. This drug stimulates the production of an enzyme that breaks up blood clots. However, this type of treatment may cause bleeding. It's important to get the right treatment as soon as possible to save your life. Once your doctor has determined whether or not you've had an eye stroke, he or she will determine your treatment options.

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An eye stroke can cause severe damage to your vision if blood flow is blocked in the retina. The arteries that supply blood to the retina are obstructed and cause excess fluid to leak into the retina. The body treats this fluid as an invader, which restricts the flow of oxygen. The retina's cells start to die within minutes. If you do not receive immediate medical treatment, the damage may be permanent and irreversible. You should see a doctor as soon as possible if you suspect you have suffered an eye stroke.

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