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Neuropsychological tests measure functions in the frontal lobe, including speech comprehension, social behavior, memory, and problem-solving skills. A common neuropsychological test is the Wisconsin Card Sorting task, which requires participants to sort cards according to varying criteria. Individuals with frontal lobe damage may have difficulty performing this task or may stick to the original criteria. However, other tests may be more relevant to diagnose a frontal lobe injury.

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Symptoms of frontal lobe damage include changes in personality, inability to regulate behavior, and increased irritability. Executive function is also affected, which includes planning, anticipating, initiating, monitoring, and detecting errors. In severe cases, people who have frontal lobe damage may also lose the ability to self-correct. Phineas Gage was the first to describe the effects of frontal lobe damage.

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Frontal lobe damage may also affect language. Kolb & Milner reported that patients with frontal lobe damage have trouble expressing spontaneous facial expressions. Similarly, Kaufman, Geyer, and Milstein reported changes in personality in patients with frontal lobe damage. Affected individuals may be unable to communicate with others, and their ability to express feelings spontaneously may be affected. However, these results should be interpreted with caution.

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The effects of frontal lobe damage can be very different in each individual. Fortunately, many of the effects of frontal lobe damage can be reversed. Neuroplasticity, the brain's ability to reorganize itself through repeated activities, can help patients recover from frontal lobe damage. By rewiring the brain, the functions affected by frontal lobe damage can be returned to other areas that are not affected by the injury.

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Frontal lobe damage can also lead to increased risk-taking behavior. Risk-taking behavior and impulsivity are related to reward-based decision-making and response disinhibition. Impulsive individuals lack self-control, while risk takers leap at opportunities to earn rewards. Researchers have developed tasks that measure impulsivity and risk-taking. The study also provides a better understanding of the impact of frontal lobe damage on decision-making and behavior.

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The resulting damage in the frontal lobe is called "frontal lobe syndrome". It is characterized by the presence of tau protein in the brain, which forms insoluble aggregates. A midsagittal cross-section of the human brain shows that Phineas Gage's accident affected the left frontal lobe. This part of the brain is essential for determining the effects of frontal lobe damage on behavior.

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This study also found a significant association between voxel damage and LCT composite score. Patients with right-sided frontal lobe damage had a lower global LCT composite score than those with left-sided lesions. Further research is needed to determine how sensitive LCT is to right-lateralized frontal lobe damage. This study is one of the first to show an association between voxel-based lesion and LCT composite score in stroke patients.

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The frontal lobe is the largest part of the brain, accounting for 41 percent of its total neocortical volume. It lies on the frontal bone's orbital plate. It extends anteriorly to a central sulcus. The frontal lobe contains the motor cortex, which receives information from the various lobes and utilises it to control body movement. Damage to the frontal lobe can affect sexual behavior and risk-taking.

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Although people with frontal lobe damage often complain of memory problems, many patients score within normal limits on standard tests. Further studies on brain injury patients are needed, as most research only compares groups of people with similar brain injuries. Moreover, it is important to remember that frontal lobe lesions may cause the effects of a brain injury on behaviors that are completely different from those of healthy individuals. This is because they are not the same species.

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While the frontal lobe does not have an enduring effect on personality, it is vital for decision-making and other higher-level cognitive functions. The motor cortex helps coordinate movement while the prefrontal lobe is responsible for language and social interaction. Furthermore, the frontal lobe has an important role in empathy and social skills. DAMAGE to the frontal lobe may have an immediate and long-lasting effect on personality.

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Besides the primary auditory cortex, the temporal lobe also contains the hippocampus, which is involved in memory formation and processing of visual information. Damage to this area will result in memory problems, speech perception, and language development. This condition can also result in the development of hallucinations. A person who has suffered from a frontal lobe injury will likely experience memory loss, language disorders, and difficulty with language and speech.

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