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Effects of Frontal Lobe Damage - Oren Zarif - Frontal Lobe Damage

People with frontal lobe damage often experience a lack of executive control. Their actions are dictated by evolutionary forces. The Wisconsin Card Sorting Test, for example, is computerized and tracks all eye movements. Saccade tests, on the other hand, monitor tiny eye movements. Unlike other types of tests, these tests don't require sophisticated technology to diagnose frontal lobe damage. Patients with such injuries may also be able to live independently.

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Treatment for frontal lobe damage involves a team of health care professionals. Rehabilitation will include physical and occupational therapy, speech-language and occupational therapies, and counseling. For people who suffer from severe emotional, behavioral, or personality changes due to this condition, prescription medications may be prescribed. These drugs may help with impulse control issues, attention difficulties, and motivation problems. People with frontal lobe damage may also need ongoing care with a team of specialists, including neurologists, speech therapists, and other medical professionals.

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Among the many effects of frontal lobe damage are personality changes, mood changes, and loss of movement. Patients with frontal lobe damage may also experience a change in their sexual habits. They may also be more prone to risk taking. Symptoms of frontal lobe damage can be permanent or transient. The effects of frontal lobe damage will vary from person to person, but can be life-altering.

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Immediate behavior changes are common after frontal lobe damage, including impulsivity. Although the exact cause of these symptoms is unknown, they often involve risk taking. The loss of social inhibition was thought to be the primary factor behind Gage's behavior. After the surgery, Gage worked briefly in a livery in New Hampshire and later in Chile as a stagecoach driver. His health declined and he eventually moved to San Francisco with his mother.

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The occipital lobe is heavily dependent on the eyes and retinas for visual information. Damage to this area can cause problems with visual perception and memory, including inability to recognize colors and words. While the occipital lobe has an important role in the visual system, it is also heavily dependent on the frontal lobe for motor control, which helps with eye movement. The temporal lobe, on the other hand, is involved in coding memories.

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A significant proportion of people with frontal lobe damage also show signs of increased aggression and antisociality. This is consistent with previous research and the findings of the VHIS study. However, the study's limitations are that it did not control for known risk factors. The study also didn't control for previous aggression or substance use, social status, and the presence of psychiatric symptoms and disorders. This means that the increased risk in patients with frontal lobe damage is likely to be small.

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The left frontal lobe controls language-related movement while the right frontal lobe is responsible for nonverbal functions. Researchers stressed that this rule is not absolute and that many people use both lobes for virtually all of their behaviors. In the meantime, this study is a great tool for understanding the effects of frontal lobe damage. So, what are the implications for people with frontal lobe damage?

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The most common neurological condition associated with frontal lobe damage is stroke. People with stroke often experience progressive memory loss, but luckily, a frontal lobe-related problem is very rare. In fact, the severity of frontal lobe damage depends on the location of the brain damage. The right hemisphere has a more prominent role in memory and executive function than the left one. The left hemisphere is responsible for language in most people. Therefore, patients with frontal lobe damage may experience some difficulties in remembering things.

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FTD is a condition where people experience significant behavioral changes. Some of these symptoms are similar to those of Alzheimer's disease. This disorder is sometimes mistaken for FTD. A person with frontal lobe damage is often misdiagnosed with the disease due to its similar symptoms. There are several possible causes of frontal lobe damage. The most common is stroke. A stroke can disrupt blood flow to the frontal lobe, resulting in vascular dementia. It has also been linked with Alzheimer's disease and other degenerative disorders.

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