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Diabetes and Sun Stroke - Oren Zarif - Sun Stroke

If you're suffering from diabetes, you're more vulnerable to sun stroke than most people. If you don't protect yourself from the heat by wearing the proper clothing and applying sunscreen, you can quickly become dehydrated, a common symptom of heat stroke. The best way to avoid heat stroke and other serious illnesses caused by extreme heat is to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and keeping your body temperature normal. Alcohol and caffeine, both of which can lead to dehydration, should also be avoided. Wear lightweight clothing and a wide-brimmed hat. Apply sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher.

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Heatstroke is characterized by a marked increase in body temperature and a change in mental status. This can range from confusion to coma. The skin may also be moist or hot, especially if heatstroke is caused by physical exertion. Heat stroke requires immediate medical attention to prevent serious complications and death. First aid for sunstroke involves cooling the core body temperature quickly. The longer the symptoms are left untreated, the more serious the complications will be and the more difficult it will be to reverse them.

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In addition to heat-related illnesses, sunstroke is one of the most serious, and potentially fatal, of all heat-related illnesses. This condition affects both children and adults and can be life-threatening. Children's body temperatures increase five times faster than adults', and the onset of symptoms is very dangerous. The body's cooling systems cannot cope with high temperatures, which is why it is important to avoid sun exposure for children. In addition to children's sensitivity to heat, pregnant women and those with poor circulation are more at risk for this dangerous condition. Heat stroke is often the result of prolonged exposure to the heat and lack of protection, so it's imperative to get immediate medical attention.

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In severe cases of heatstroke, the body's temperature-regulating system becomes overwhelmed, leading to death and other serious complications. Fortunately, heat stroke can be prevented by planning ahead and following certain precautions. There is a high risk of death from heatstroke, but early treatment can help you recover from the condition. You can avoid sunstroke by taking proper precautions. If you're spending a day outdoors, make sure you take frequent breaks from strenuous activities and stay cool.

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As a result of the extreme heat, the body's temperature will quickly rise, reaching 106 degrees Fahrenheit in 10 to 15 minutes. If left untreated, heat stroke can be life-threatening and even result in permanent disability. While it is possible to reverse sunstroke and cool yourself off, it's better to take precautions and seek medical help as soon as possible. Once you're feeling better, you can return to your normal activities.

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Depending on how serious your case is, you may need to be hospitalized. It may take up to a year to recover fully from heat stroke, but early detection can prevent further complications. In the meantime, remember to stay in the shade and wear loose-fitting clothes. If you don't know what to do, don't go outside. If you do get a sunburn, be sure to stay indoors. In severe cases, you may even experience organ damage.

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In extreme cases, heat stroke can result in a loss of consciousness or permanent damage to the central nervous system. The body's temperature is raised to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, which can result in permanent damage to internal organs. Symptoms of heat stroke include confusion, seizures, and loss of consciousness. The treatment for heat stroke will depend on the severity of your case. If you are unable to take the proper steps to protect yourself from sunstroke, you should seek medical attention.

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