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Contracoup Injury - Oren Zarif - Contrecoup Injury

Contracoup injury is a medical emergency, and treatment depends on the severity of the condition. Surgical treatment is required if the pressure inside the skull is too great to release by itself. After a contrecoup injury, patients may need neurosurgical intervention, or they may require ongoing monitoring. Treatment for the condition focuses on minimizing further damage to the brain. Unfortunately, coup-contrecoup injuries are often irreversible, but early diagnosis and treatment can minimize the risk of permanent damage.

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Contracoup injuries occur when force strikes the opposite side of the head. They are a very common type of head injury, but are often misdiagnosed. When the brain is hit, it bounces back off the skull, causing damage to the opposing side. Contracoup injuries commonly occur in motorcycle crashes and auto accidents. Since they affect both sides of the brain, they can easily go undiagnosed, and can even have long-term effects.

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Another case involving coup-contrecoup injuries occurred in Texas. A 9-year-old boy fell off an inflatable bounce house and suffered a fractured right side of the skull. He also suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage, permanent hearing loss, and physical disabilities. His family filed a lawsuit against the party's owner, and a jury awarded him $1.3 million. A jury awarded Dishman and his mother $1.3 million in damages.

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Contracoup injuries occur when the brain hits another part of the body. The impact accelerates the skull, which impacts the brain adjacent to the point of impact. Because the brain is hitting the skull, the intracranial content has been accelerated to travel with it. Most commonly, the frontal lobes, and the temporal poles of the brain are affected. In rare cases, a contrecoup injury can affect the lens of the eye, a lung, or even the skull.

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In many cases, coup-contrecoup injuries are a traumatic brain injury that can affect the frontal lobe, and even the brain's temples. Traumatic brain injuries are one of the leading causes of disability and death among adults in the United States. Thankfully, the treatment options for this type of injury are effective. If the patient suffers from these symptoms, a medical professional can prescribe medication and rest to help alleviate symptoms.

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Another type of brain injury, coup-contrecoup injuries can cause bruising on certain areas of the brain. It is also a type of focal injury. That means that the injury occurs only at a particular spot in the brain. The impact causes the brain to rapidly accelerate into the skull, disrupting structures, and damaging blood vessels and neurons. These injuries can lead to memory loss, impaired coordination, and other consequences. The condition is often a symptom of blunt force trauma and requires medical attention.

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Despite the fact that a coup-contrecoup injury can be relatively mild, the damage to the brain and the surrounding tissues may be permanent. The symptoms of this injury include headaches and vision loss, which can result in persistent pain. In severe cases, the patient may require lifelong therapy and care. These expenses can be significant and can cause a major strain on a person's finances. Personal relationships may also be negatively affected as well.

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Coup-contrecoup injuries are the result of two types of brain damage. The coup injury affects the brain directly under the point of impact, while the contrecoup injury involves the brain on the opposite side. Depending on the severity of the blow, the coup injury may occur as the only type of brain injury. The coup-contrecoup injury can occur if a person is struck hard enough with a strong object or wall. The brain is surrounded in the skull, protected by cerebrospinal fluid. But severe blows can cause serious damage and the most severe of cases may end with death.

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After a coup-contrecoup injury, physical and occupational therapy are recommended. These types of therapies improve motor control and independence. Speech therapists can help individuals relearn how to speak and swallow. Cognitive trainers can teach individuals new skills to improve memory, attention, problem-solving, and learning. There is no one single treatment for coup-contrecoup injuries, so therapists must determine if both types of therapy are appropriate for an individual.

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