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Cerebral Stroke - Oren Zarif - Cerebral Stroke

Cerebral stroke can be classified into two types. Symptoms of stroke include a loss of consciousness, paralysis, and memory loss. Although no one knows exactly what causes a stroke, these symptoms are common among people with ischemic stroke. A stroke is an injury to the brain, often caused by an ischemic blood clot. The symptoms of a stroke vary, depending on the cause and location of the injury.

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Various systems exist to classify ischemic cerebral stroke. The Oxford Community Stroke Project (OCSP) and TOAST classification systems classify the disease etiologically. Many research studies quantify neurologic impairment using the NIHSS (National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale).

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While the first cells in the brain are killed within four to five minutes of a stroke, the brain continues to experience the effects of ischemia for several hours. While stroke symptoms can range from a few minutes to a few weeks, the process of recovery doesn't begin until two to three hours after the event. If left untreated, most stroke symptoms are permanent. The symptoms of a stroke can range from a mild disability to severe paralysis.

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The risk of a stroke varies widely among ethnic and racial groups. African Americans, Hispanics, and Native Americans have a higher risk of a stroke than Caucasians. However, this disparity is not as stark between the two. In general, women are more likely to suffer a stroke than men, but their risks are higher than those of Caucasians. In addition, people who have had a stroke have a 25 to 40 percent higher chance of developing another stroke within five years.

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In general, the main symptoms of cerebellar stroke include drooping facial muscles and weakness in one arm. Cerebellar stroke symptoms can vary greatly. Those who suffer from a cerebellar stroke must seek medical attention immediately. In addition, they should be evaluated as a medical emergency, as 3% of people who have vertigo are suffering from a cerebellar stroke. However, patients should seek rehabilitation from speech and physical therapists as soon as possible.

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Although a full recovery of cerebral stroke may take months or even years, most people who suffer from MCA stroke regain some level of function. The condition is more serious than it seems, but the best case scenario is that people can regain some function after treatment. A CT scan or an MRI scan can determine whether a patient has suffered an MCA stroke. Various lab tests, including an electrocardiogram, are performed to confirm the diagnosis.

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Researchers at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) are addressing this problem by supporting research in a variety of fields. NIH StrokeNet includes a centralized coordinating and data management center and 29 regional centers linking nearly 400 stroke hospitals in the U.S., and over 200 hospitals worldwide. They are conducting small and large clinical trials and research studies. In addition, scientists at NINDS are examining whether rewiring of the brain can improve the recovery of people suffering from stroke.

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Aspirin and clopidogrel are popular treatments for acute ischemic stroke. They reduce platelet activity, which helps the blood clot and heal. Taking these drugs will reduce the risk of developing an ischemic stroke. Antithrombotics, including aspirin, are prescribed by doctors for prevention. In addition to these treatments, the body may produce its own thrombolytic proteins. The NINDS has made significant progress in the field of stroke treatment, and t-PA is the first FDA-approved medication for acute ischemic stroke.

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Although there are several risk factors for stroke, there is no definitive cure for the disease. The best prevention is to control your blood pressure. If it's high, work with your doctor to reduce it. High blood pressure has been linked to increased risks of stroke, so preventing it is a priority for everyone. By controlling your blood pressure, you can lower your risk of developing a stroke and dementia later on in life. If you're diagnosed with high blood pressure, a PINK1 inhibitor may be able to help.

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