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Causes of Stroke - What Are the Most Common Causes of Stroke? - Oren Zarif - Causes of Stroke

There are several different causes of stroke, and if you want to know what the most common are, it helps to understand what happens before a stroke occurs. A complete blood count (CBC) will tell your doctor if the person is displaying any of the symptoms above. Other tests your doctor might perform include kidney function, blood glucose, and other vital signs. Your doctor may order laboratory tests to rule out other possible causes or diagnose stroke directly. Other tests may include a cardiac monitor and a NIH stroke scale.

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If you have a suspicion that someone may be suffering from a stroke, it is crucial to watch them very closely while waiting for emergency help. While waiting for help, you can seek free health information from a reputable health organization, such as the Mayo Clinic. There, you will find expert advice on how to manage your health and avoid stroke. This can help you prevent the stroke symptoms from getting worse and to increase your chances of recovery.

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Another symptom that signals a stroke is the inability to smile or raise both arms. A stroke on the left side of the brain can cause weakness in the right or left side of the body, including the face, arm, and leg. The affected area may not be affected at all of them at once. The NIH Stroke Scale attempts to grade the severity of a stroke and monitor the progress of the patient.

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Almost eighty percent of strokes are ischemic, which occurs when a blood vessel breaks in the brain. Hemorrhagic strokes, on the other hand, result when blood clots break through the artery wall and enter the brain. Treatment for ischemic strokes is aimed at breaking up this blockage. However, there are other types of stroke, such as hemorrhagic strokes, in which the wall of the blood vessel becomes weak.

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Transient ischemic attack, or TIA, is a form of stroke that usually passes on within 24 hours. Although symptoms will usually improve in the same day, you are still at risk of having a stroke in the near future if your TIA is not treated. There are many reasons for TIA, and it is important to understand what causes it. These symptoms may include a loss of feeling or speech, and can even lead to a permanent disability.

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Other common causes of stroke include genetics. Strokes may run in families, which means that relatives may have high blood pressure or diabetes. Sometimes, a genetic disorder may be at fault for blocking blood flow to the brain. Strokes in women are slightly less common than in men of the same age, but they occur at a much older age, making it more difficult for them to recover from and ultimately, to survive. It's important to learn as much as you can about these strokes before they cause you or a loved one to suffer from a stroke.

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Another common cause of stroke is uncontrolled high blood pressure. High blood pressure has been identified as the leading cause of stroke, with men and women suffering more than one. Moreover, people who have had a previous stroke have a greater risk of having another one. A stroke is not a death sentence, but a warning. By managing blood pressure, you can reduce your risk of a stroke. It's important to note that blood pressure levels must be maintained consistently and regularly to lower your chances of another stroke.

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Certain ethnic groups are more susceptible to a stroke than others. African Americans and nonwhite Hispanics are twice as likely to suffer a stroke. The risk of stroke has decreased for white Americans since the 1990s, but not for blacks. Some people are prone to stroke because they have sickle cell disease, which disrupts blood flow and narrows the arteries. If you suspect that you are suffering from a stroke, get medical help immediately.

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A clot that forms in a brain artery may cause a stroke. The clot travels through the bloodstream and blocks the brain's artery. This can cause damage to the brain and may result in a permanent loss of function. Fortunately, there are several treatment options available for people who experience a stroke. They must call 9-1-1 to receive emergency care. In most cases, clot-busting drugs can restore blood flow within three to four half hours.

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