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Causes of Stroke - Oren Zarif - Causes of Stroke

There are several different causes of stroke. Those that lead to stroke are not always recognizable. People from a particular ethnic group are more likely to suffer from stroke than other people. For example, African Americans are more likely to experience a stroke than Hispanics and vice versa. In fact, these two ethnic groups are twice as likely to experience stroke than any other group. And while stroke has been decreasing in overall rates for whites since the 1990s, it has not decreased at all for blacks.

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If you are suffering from an ischemic stroke, treatment may include medication to break up the clot, tissue plasminogen injection, or a surgical procedure called thrombectomy. These procedures will help you reverse the symptoms of stroke and restore normal blood flow to your brain. In some cases, you may also need surgery to repair a ruptured artery or reduce swelling in the skull. In any case, swift medical treatment is essential for stroke recovery.

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A clot in a blood vessel in the retina can cause temporary loss of vision - sometimes even the ability to see a clear screen. A clot in the carotid artery, the largest blood vessel supplying the brain, can cause weakness on one side of the body. It can also affect speech. Ultimately, the most important cause of stroke is a heart disease. However, if you have an ischemic stroke, you should consult with your doctor immediately.

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If you suspect that someone is suffering from a stroke, the first thing you should do is call 911. You should also note the time at which the symptoms first appeared. If you suspect that your loved one has a stroke, a doctor will likely order a brain magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI. If MRI is not available, you should opt for a computed tomography (CT) scan. Magnetic resonance angiography may be done alongside MRI. Then, your doctor might perform transcranial doppler or ultrasound of the brain to identify abnormal blood vessels.

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Although there are no proven causes of stroke, a high blood pressure level can increase the risk of a clot in a blood vessel. The resulting blood pressure will cause brain cells to die. These types of strokes have very different symptoms and treatment methods. While transient ischemic attacks are less severe than ischemic stroke, they can be dangerous. It is important to know the risk factors that can lead to a stroke.

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Another cause of stroke is an inadequate supply of blood to the brain. Without oxygen, brain cells will die and will not receive the necessary nutrients to survive. Fortunately, many strokes are treatable with proper diagnosis and treatment. But some people will develop a stroke, and in such cases, the chances of recovery will be much higher than the chances of surviving. If you have a family history of stroke, be sure to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

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The damage to the brain is significant, as it can alter the patient's ability to speak and move. A stroke in the left side of the brain can result in a patient not being able to use facial muscles or move one's arm. While the symptoms of stroke are not always permanent, they can last a lifetime. In addition to reducing the risk of death, a stroke can also cause permanent disability to the body's functions, such as the limbs and the heart.

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Hemorrhagic strokes, characterized by a clot that forms in a blood vessel in the brain, can lead to a traumatic brain injury. In some cases, these strokes are fatal. The severity of the symptoms depends on the type of stroke. There are several causes of stroke, including aneurysm, arteriovenous malformation, and vascular disease. When a blood vessel is weak or broken, it can lead to a stroke.

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Ischemic strokes occur when blood flow is cut off to part of the brain. During ischemic stroke, the artery may be too narrow. This narrowing occurs when fatty deposits form on the inside of the blood vessel. An abnormal heartbeat can also lead to a blood clot to form. An ischemic stroke can be treated with emergency medical care if it is recognized as soon as possible. When it does happen, treatment can depend on the speed at which the patient is admitted to the hospital.

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