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Causes of Cerebral Infarction - Oren Zarif - Cerebral Infarction

A cerebrovascular accident may cause the brain to die. Although a cerebral infarction can be reversible, it is a serious medical condition and should be treated immediately. While there are no known causes of cerebral infarction, symptoms may include weakness, loss of sensation and memory, and abnormal pupil dilation. The person may also have abnormal reactions to light and lack eye movement on one side of their body. Left-side brain infarction can cause slurred speech. In rare cases, reflexes may be aggravated.

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Several medical conditions can cause a cerebral infarction. Internal cartoid artery anomalies, arterial occlusion, and abnormal endothelium are among the causes. Aneurysms can be associated with macroscopically normal arteries, but thrombus from the aneurysm may embolize to the brain, causing a cerebral infarction. Unruptured giant aneurysms are also associated with cerebral infarction.

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Other causes of a cerebral infarction are associated with generalized hypotension. A small acute hemorrhagic infarction, for example, is most likely the result of an embolism, or a collateral anastomosis. An arterial embolus is most likely to affect a branch of the posterior cerebral artery. If the infarction is too severe, a neoplasm or tumor may develop.

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Acute or chronic meningitis or vasculitic conditions may cause a reduced blood supply to the brain. In addition, strokes may occur when a blood clot forms in the artery supplying the brain. This blood clot can travel to the brain. It may even cause cerebral ischemia. Among other causes, heart attacks can cause cerebral ischemia. When left untreated, the heart attack can cause a lower blood pressure, resulting in impaired circulation.

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Young adults are particularly vulnerable to cerebral infarction. One study looked at the etiology of young adults' strokes and found that vascular risk factors were related to nearly 10% of young adult cases. Even among young adults, young stroke victims can experience life-long disabilities. However, few studies have examined risk factors for this disease, and determining the best methods of primary prevention are still lacking. It's also important to know what causes cerebral infarction in young people.

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A TIA is often preceded by mini-strokes, called transient ischemic attacks (TIAs). Although they are not considered to be strokes, TIAs are warning signs that a stroke is imminent. If you experience TIAs, seek medical attention immediately as a stroke may follow. Approximately ten to 15 percent of patients who experience a TIA will have a major stroke within three months.

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Stroke is the leading cause of death and disability in the United States. Each year, approximately 700,000 people experience a stroke, with about half of these suffering a first-time attack. A further twenty percent of stroke victims will suffer another within five years. In 2003, it cost the nation $51.2 billion dollars. According to the American Heart Association, the disease has killed or disabled nearly 5 million people. This statistic shows that the condition is one of the most common and preventable causes of death.

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When a brain artery breaks, it causes a stroke. This happens when blood clots form. The result is a severely reduced blow-flow to the brain. If this happens, the brain is swollen. Another type of ischemic stroke is known as cerebral embolism. This occurs when a blood clot travels through the bloodstream and hits a narrow artery. This condition also has many similar symptoms to a stroke but is not a permanent injury.

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Meningitis is a leading cause of cerebral infarction. Although it's not completely preventable, it can be prevented with proper treatment. The best way to treat a cerebral infarction is to diagnose it early. A syringe is placed into the neck artery and used to pull the clot out of the brain. Once this clot is removed, the patient is usually able to return to normal activity.

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Other causes of cerebral infarction include atherosclerotic plaque fragments, aortic arch thrombus, or a tumor in the brain. The culprits of an embolic stroke can be atherosclerotic plaques, clots from open-heart surgery, atheromas in the neck arteries, or bacterial vegetations on the valves. Thrombi in the middle cerebral artery are the most common.

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MRI is another option for detecting a brain infarction. Although MRI is faster and more available, it may take longer to diagnose a TIA. CT scans are not useful for determining the type of brain tumor, and a venous infarction may not be a stroke. MRI is also less reliable and time-consuming than CT. However, delayed CT angiography is more sensitive and specific than CT scans.

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