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Causes and Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury - Oren Zarif - Tbi

Traumatic brain injuries can cause severe disabilities, including memory loss, difficulty connecting with others, and increased irritability. Some symptoms may require immediate surgery, while others may need rehabilitation therapies. While the exact causes of TBI vary, many common symptoms are listed below. Aside from these, many people affected by TBI experience personality changes, cognitive impairments, and behavioral problems. Fortunately, medical advances in the 20th century have made the diagnosis and treatment of TBIs much easier.

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In the case of mild or moderate TBI, the main treatment will be rest and over-the-counter pain relievers. You will gradually resume your usual activities and contact your health care provider if you develop any persistent problems or symptoms. Moderate and severe TBIs, on the other hand, will require more intensive treatment. Health care providers will stabilize you, monitor your blood pressure and examine your brain to see if there's bleeding or swelling inside your skull. They will also administer oxygen and blood tests to determine how well your brain receives the blood supply.

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Mild TBI symptoms include headache, dizziness, lightheadedness, confusion, blurred vision, and tired eyes. Moderate TBI symptoms can include trouble thinking, concentration, and memory. The severity of symptoms depends on the severity of the injury, the severity of the brain injury, and the severity of the damage. You should seek medical attention as soon as possible after you are injured. Symptoms can be minor or severe, and may go away on their own within a few days.

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Once you've been diagnosed with TBI, it is important to understand what it means. It's important to get as much information as possible to help you make an informed decision regarding your child's care. Moreover, there are many resources online to help you navigate the TBI landscape. There are also organizations that provide information and support for people with TBIs. You can also get more information about TBI by contacting these organizations.

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Depending on the severity of the traumatic brain injury, it can involve multiple areas, or even a partial section of the brain. Common causes of TBIs include automobile accidents, falls, and pedestrian accidents. Falls are the leading cause of TBI deaths in the U.S., accounting for nearly 30 percent of all traumatic deaths. Young children are particularly vulnerable because of their large, undeveloped necks and immature motor development, while older adults are more likely to experience traumatic brain injuries.

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During a high-impact accident, the brain can suddenly move inside the skull. This rapid motion causes bleeding, fractures, blood vessel damage, and damage to brain cells and nerves. Multiple types of injuries can result from head trauma, including concussions, diffuse axonal injury, and even permanent disability. A traumatic brain injury is a traumatic experience for the victim, and doctors are working to identify the symptoms and prevent future recurrence.

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Many symptoms of TBI include impaired memory, difficulty writing, and drawing, and fatigue. Some sufferers may even lose the ability to walk or balance. They may even be partially paralyzed, and their condition is often complicated by physical and psychological effects of TBI. But despite the complications and long-term effects of TBI, recovery is possible. With proper treatment and care, individuals can lead normal, fulfilling lives and overcome their disability.

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There are many treatments for TBIs. A person suffering from mild TBI should seek medical attention immediately. A medical doctor should monitor any signs of TBIs until they can assess whether they are more severe. Medical professionals focus on stabilizing the patient and controlling blood pressure to minimize further damage. Neurological examinations are often the first step in diagnosing TBI, as they determine the extent of the injury. The brain's function is evaluated with a series of tests, including imaging and a specialized blood test.

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A brain injury can also involve bleeding into the subarachnoid space. This injury appears as diffuse blood on the surface of the brain. Although most cases of subarachnoid hemorrhages associated with head trauma are mild, more severe injuries can cause hydrocephalus. Some people with this injury may experience a wide range of symptoms, including seizures, confusion, and coma. If a bullet penetrates the skull, diffuse axonal injuries can result.

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