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Causes and Symptoms of Thalamic Stroke - Oren Zarif - Thalamic Stroke

Patients with thalamic stroke commonly experience pain, but the causes of this type of stroke remain unclear. Researchers believe that damage to several thalamic nuclei is responsible for post-stroke thalamic pain. Neurosurgeons have observed lesions extending into the anterior pulvinar nucleus in cases of thalamic stroke. Researchers have also reported that the thalamic lesion itself can cause CPSP.

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Neurologists describe the 5 major functional classes of the thalamic nuclei. The reticular and intralaminar nuclei are responsible for arousal and nociception, while the sensory nuclei are involved in motor function and aspects of language. The limbic nuclei are involved in emotional responses and mood. A thalamic stroke in any of these nuclei can cause symptoms ranging from sensory to motor dysfunction.

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There are two types of thalamic stroke. The first type is caused by an occlusion of the artery of Percheron. The other type involves infarction in the midbrain. This type of thalamic stroke rarely involves the anterior thalamus, but is uncommon. The schematic shows the affected thalamic nuclei. It is also possible to cause a midbrain infarction.

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Other symptoms of thalamic stroke include speech and communication difficulties. Some patients develop a condition called hemispatial neglect, which causes them to ignore the side of the body they don't have control over. Another type of thalamic stroke affects vision. The patient may have double vision, hemianopia, or half of their visual field may be completely missing. In addition to these symptoms, many patients experience a generalized spike-wave, which is a precursor to seizures and epilepsy.

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Another form of thalamic stroke is the occurrence of bilateral thalamic infarct. Bilateral thalamic infarctions are rare, and are typically associated with small-vessel disease, cardioembolic disease, or individual anatomical predisposition. The clinical signs and symptoms of bilateral thalamic stroke vary according to the affected thalamic structure. Patients may experience speech and cognition disturbance, but these symptoms are often non-specific. The underlying disease causes and treatment are largely dependent on the severity of ischemic lesion.

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The effects of thalamic stroke on the brain are often severe. It can lead to acute movement disorders due to the disruption of important fibres and connections. However, in cases of delayed movement, cerebral plasticity helps the patient recover. In rare cases, a thalamic infarct in the hand area can cause a patient to recover smooth, coordinated movement. Interestingly, in cases of delayed movement, aberrant connections may also be responsible for the development of abnormal involuntary movements.

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MRI imaging may show the infarction in the right tuberothalamic artery territory. A thalamic infarction with a unilateral or bilateral location was identified by a fluid-attenuated inversion recovery MRI. The patient also showed autobiographical memory impairment, underlying ventriculitis, and a ventriculoperitoneal shunt. MRI scanning of the thalamic region revealed a new right thalamic infarction.

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In this study, a group of patients with thalamic aphasia, neurocognitive impairment, and memory deficits showed the same clinical picture. The patients with left hemispheric strokes had an advantage over their right counterparts, as their symptoms were more easily recognized by family members and healthcare providers. The symptoms of thalamic stroke vary according to the location, volume, and lateralization of the lesion.

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The frequency of thalamic stroke admissions may be decreased by better recognition of symptoms of left anterior thalamic stroke. This could result in a reduction in the incidence of ITS, owing to the relatively small distance between the thalamic projections and the lemniscal tract. Moreover, the onset of STT-related symptoms should be prevented if patients with left anterior ITS present with any of the above symptoms.

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The MRI of thalamic lesions affect the behavior of patients with these disorders. The fiber systems between thalamic nuclei and other brain regions pass through the thalamus. Hence, lesions of fiber pathways can lead to some clinical manifestations. Listed below are a few common thalamic lesions. Once you've identified the underlying cause of your symptoms, the treatment can be determined.

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While previous anatomical studies have recognized the importance of spinothalamic dysfunction in thalamic stroke, combining neuro-functional assessment with anatomy-based predictions has not been attempted before. Here, atlas-based localization of thalamic lesions with functional assessment of the spinothalamic system was performed on 42 thamic stroke patients who developed thalamic pain. Most lesions involved the region between two and seven mm above the anterior-posterior commissural plane.

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If you have a thalamic stroke, you may have difficulty moving your arms and legs, difficulty speaking and vision. The treatment for this condition focuses on removing the underlying cause and thorough rehabilitation. Although the road to recovery can be long, recent advances in stroke treatment have helped countless people return to healthy and productive lives. If you've suffered from this disorder, you'll find it beneficial to learn more about treatment options and the prevention of thalamic stroke.

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