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Breast Cancer During Pregnancy - Oren Zarif - Pregnancy and Breast Cancer

Although breast cancer during pregnancy is extremely rare, it can still occur. Although breast cancer symptoms do not change during pregnancy, women who are pregnant may have fewer signs and symptoms of the disease. Because of this, it is important to know what to look for. Listed below are some symptoms of breast cancer during pregnancy. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, consult a healthcare provider right away. If you suspect breast cancer during pregnancy, treatment options are usually safe for both you and your baby.

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Treatment for breast cancer during pregnancy is very similar to treatment for women with the disease. However, some adjustments may be necessary to protect the fetus. While it has never been proven that breast cancer can spread to the fetus, if the cancer does spread, it will affect the fetus's nutrition and development. To ensure the health of the fetus, a woman should seek medical advice before undergoing treatment for breast cancer during pregnancy.

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During pregnancy, breast cancer screening is delayed, as breast tissue becomes denser, making early signs of cancer more difficult to detect. In addition, some experts recommend certain procedures to check for cancer spread later in the pregnancy. Lymph nodes can be safely removed during surgery and checked to see if it has spread. Other doctors may opt against a sentinel lymph node biopsy, which uses radioactive tracers or a blue dye to detect the presence of cancer cells.

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In addition to screening, women should have prenatal visits to ensure that the mother's health is optimum. These visits should include a breast exam to check for changes that may indicate the presence of breast cancer. It is also recommended that pregnant women learn how to perform breast exams. A breast examination should be a part of the mother's normal routine. The doctor will also monitor the health of her unborn child during the pregnancy and after birth.

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While breast cancer symptoms may overlap, they are not always related to the other. Women who experience any changes in their bodies during pregnancy should report them to a doctor. Some women may experience inflammatory breast cancer, which occurs when the cancer cells block the lymph vessels that carry white blood cells and fluid through the body. This type of cancer can make a woman's breast look red or feel tender. It is important to visit a physician immediately if you suspect any of these signs or symptoms.

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X-rays are not dangerous during pregnancy, and MRIs require no contrast dye. Chest x-rays do not expose the fetus to high levels of radiation, so they are usually safe. However, CT and PET scans may be unsafe for pregnant women. As long as the pregnancy is not complicated, the doctor should consider the risks associated with these treatments. The main advantage of breast cancer treatment is that you and your unborn child will remain healthy throughout.

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Some women who develop BC during pregnancy may not develop it immediately. However, the chances are higher after childbirth than in nonpregnant women. Most women with cancer are diagnosed within 6 months of childbirth. The symptoms of breast cancer during pregnancy are often more advanced and have larger tumors. For these reasons, it is important to be screened during pregnancy. If you suspect you have breast cancer during pregnancy, talk with your doctor right away.

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Although it is rare, if you are pregnant, your doctor should monitor you for signs and symptoms. Breast cancer during pregnancy is a serious medical condition, but it is often curable. Pregnant women who develop breast cancer during pregnancy often have healthy babies and live longer afterward. As a result, breast cancer during pregnancy is not as common as it is among non-pregnant women. A woman's risk of developing breast cancer increases as she ages, but it does not necessarily increase during pregnancy. The hormone changes that occur during pregnancy can encourage breast cancer cells to multiply.

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Some cancer treatments may harm the baby during pregnancy. Pregnancy is a time when organs and body structures are developing. Therefore, treatment during this time may be delayed until after delivery. However, if the cancer is already advanced and the baby has been born, doctors may opt for the earlier method. Even if it is risky to continue the pregnancy, some women may want to consider it. A woman diagnosed with breast cancer during pregnancy may choose to deliver her baby at a later time.

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