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Breast Cancer During Pregnancy - Oren Zarif - Pregnancy and Breast Cancer

A woman's breasts go through amazing changes during pregnancy. Often, they double in size and become heavy with extra fluid. In addition, the breast tissue feels firmer and more "lumpy bumpy" than it would otherwise be. All of these changes make it difficult to detect breast cancer. For that reason, the use of imaging tests, such as mammography, may be limited for pregnant women. However, there have been several small studies conducted on the safety of mammography during pregnancy.

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If you suspect you might have breast cancer, your GP will examine your breasts and determine whether to send you to a breast clinic. The doctor may recommend an ultrasound scan. This test uses sound waves to produce an image of your breast. The radiation that is released will not harm your baby, and shielding is available to keep you and your unborn child safe. Your doctor will also discuss the risks of these tests, including the risk of radiation to your unborn child.

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While breast cancer is rare, it does occur during pregnancy. Most women develop breast cancer between the ages of 32 and 38. Fortunately, many women are able to carry on with their pregnancy despite the possibility of breast cancer. Women should always have regular breast exams and report any lumps or changes in their breast skin to their healthcare provider as early as possible. The early detection of any problems is vital to ensuring the health of both mother and child.

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In some cases, treatment of the cancer during pregnancy is not recommended. Despite the high risks of radiation therapy, pregnancy is not a time to undergo chemotherapy. In these cases, doctors will use an alternative treatment that may not harm the baby. It is not always possible to delay cancer treatment until after the baby is born, so the doctor may choose to induce labour earlier. However, some women must discuss whether to continue their pregnancy or terminate it.

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There are many warning signs of breast cancer that can overlap with other conditions. If a woman's breast lump looks red or scaly, she should report it to her healthcare provider. Other signs include a dark area around the nipple or an orange-like rash. The cancer is often difficult to detect during pregnancy, so it is imperative to seek help from a trained specialist. When diagnosed with breast cancer, the consequences can be devastating. For a woman who is pregnant and breastfeeding, the diagnosis can be life-changing.

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Most breast cancers during pregnancy are found through a woman noticing changes in her breasts or by performing a clinical breast exam. Screening mammography is not recommended during pregnancy because radiation can harm the fetus. During the first trimester, breast ultrasound is used to screen for the cancer. In case of a breast lump, a mammogram may not be necessary. A mammogram is not recommended unless a woman is at an increased risk.

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A biopsy of a lump is an important step for diagnosis. A biopsy may be done with a needle or a core. In some cases, the lump may be surgically removed. This procedure is usually an outpatient procedure and poses minimal risk to the mother and unborn child. However, if the lump is found during pregnancy, a biopsy may be a better option. When breast reconstruction is not an option, the treatment team may need to perform further tests to determine if the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes.

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A woman who is diagnosed with breast cancer during her pregnancy will undergo chemotherapy, or radiation therapy. However, the surgery may result in side effects for the mother. Although breast cancer during pregnancy is rare, chemotherapy can reduce the mother's blood cells. Therefore, treatment with chemotherapy is typically delayed until after delivery. Despite the risks, chemotherapy is an excellent option for women with breast cancer during pregnancy. But it is important to note that it should never be done during the first three months of pregnancy, as much of the baby's development occurs during this period.

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The treatment for breast cancer during pregnancy will likely affect fertility, so it is important to discuss this with your oncologist. While undergoing cancer treatment, it is best to wait at least two years after childbirth to conceive. Although the cancer won't return after two years, it is important to make sure you are able to conceive. The risk of a pregnancy is low, but you should consider fertility preservation before starting treatment.

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