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Brain Damage and Rehabilitation - Oren Zarif - Brain Damage

A direct blow to the head can cause bruising on the brain, called coup-contrecoup lesion. The jarring motion of the brain against the skull tears the internal lining and blood vessels of the brain, resulting in swelling and internal bleeding. This condition requires immediate medical attention. A person who sustains a direct blow to the head should seek out a qualified medical professional if symptoms are serious. If left untreated, brain damage can lead to permanent disability.

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Moderate to severe TBI often requires rehabilitation. Depending on the type of injury and which part of the brain is affected, this rehabilitation can include speech and movement therapies. Rehabilitation is often done in a hospital, skilled nursing facility, or outpatient clinic. During rehab, a patient may undergo various tests, including blood pressure and oxygen levels. The goal of therapy is to restore function and independence in daily activities. The medical team will assess the level of brain damage and help the patient make a decision about the next steps.

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Traumatic brain injury is a common injury affecting athletes. People who play contact sports are especially susceptible. Wrestlers and soccer players are among those at risk. The NFL has also taken a leading role in studying the effects of brain injuries and urging medical researchers to develop safer equipment and treatments. Even though the U.S. Food and Drug Administration hasn't officially ruled out concussions in athletes, they are still urging caution when it comes to the safety of their players.

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Mild traumatic brain injury can lead to long-term disability, and symptoms can appear immediately after an accident or within hours or days. The effects of this injury vary from person to person, including the severity of the injury, location of the injury, age, and previous injuries to the brain. Fortunately, doctors are developing devices to prevent the onset of permanent damage from occurring. A device that can help to repair damaged brain tissue is slated for commercialization by the FDA in early 2021.

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After a traumatic brain injury, rehab for TBI varies depending on the degree of damage and the person's response to therapy. Some people may recover their abilities to previous levels while others will require lifelong care. People who suffer from traumatic brain injury may develop higher risks of Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, and dementia. Their primary care provider will be given recommendations from their therapy team. Once rehabilitation is complete, the individual may be able to return to their normal activities.

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Brain injury can lead to emotional changes. The emotional changes may be intense, but have little lasting effects. For the injured party, these changes can be difficult to deal with. However, counseling can help. Counseling can help a person cope with their emotional changes. This type of emotional change can cause stress for the patient, and it can be helpful for the injured party to seek treatment for this condition. A person who suffers from a brain injury may be able to get the help they need.

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Traumatic brain injury can range in severity, from mild to severe. While the TBI Model System program focuses on moderate-to-severe TBI, it can occur in any kind of physical assault. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the leading cause of brain injuries are falls, being hit by an object, and car crashes. While mild TBI can lead to serious complications, many people suffering from traumatic brain injury may require the assistance of a neurointensive care unit.

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There are two types of brain injuries: traumatic brain injury and acquired neuromuscular disorders. Traumatic brain injury refers to brain damage caused by external forces. This term does not include damage from lack of oxygen. Some traumatic brain injuries may not lead to loss of consciousness. The effects of traumatic brain injury may be permanent, and the person may require rehabilitation to recover from them. This form of brain injury may also cause coma or other symptoms that may not appear for days.

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A person suffering from brain damage should seek medical treatment immediately. There are a number of causes of brain damage, including head trauma, inadequate oxygen supply, infection, and neuromuscular disease. Symptoms of brain damage include impairment of mental function and behavioral changes. However, the cause of the damage can differ from person to person, and the appropriate medical treatment should be sought if there is evidence of a traumatic brain injury. Once the diagnosis is confirmed, a person can then begin treatment.

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