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The causes of cryptogenic stroke are complex and vary from patient to patient. It is important to determine if the stroke is due to another cause, such as an underlying medical condition or a vascular disease. Symptoms of cryptogenic stroke may include sudden, intense, and atypical chest pain. Fortunately, there are several treatment options available. Listed below are the most effective treatments for cryptogenic stroke. The best treatment options will depend on the type of cryptogenic stroke and the underlying condition.

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Initially, your doctor should perform diagnostic tests to determine the cause of the stroke. In addition to examining the brain tissue and blood vessels in the head, a physician can perform brain imaging to identify the specific underlying cause of cryptogenic stroke. If the diagnosis is not confirmed, your doctor will prescribe antiplatelet drugs and risk factor modification. In the meantime, consider getting a second opinion to make sure that the diagnosis is correct.

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Often, a second opinion is beneficial when considering cryptogenic stroke treatment options.

A recent study called the CLOSE trial enrolled patients with cryptogenic stroke and high-risk PFO. This study compared PFO closure with medical therapy, warfarin, and antiplatelet medications. It showed a significant reduction in the risk of recurrent ischemic stroke. The study also showed that PFO closure was superior to medical therapy. Regardless of the method used, the results showed that closure is the better treatment option for many patients with cryptogenic stroke.

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The risk of recurrent cryptogenic stroke is high, so a comprehensive differential evaluation is necessary. The underlying event should be understood and determined to determine the best treatment and prevention options. The Northern Manhattan Study and White H have looked at the incidence of ischemic stroke subtypes. Furthermore, the incidence of cryptogenic stroke is higher in minority populations than in whites. And the underlying cause should be determined to develop a better treatment strategy for cryptogenic stroke.

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Researchers in the field have found that there are a variety of diagnostic tests available for CS. Trans-thoracic echocardiography (TTE) and trans-esophageal echocardiography (TEE) have a high sensitivity for detecting intra-cardiac sources of thrombi in stroke. They can also detect aortic enlargement and vegetation's left atrial thrombus, regardless of age. Other tests, such as cardiac MRI, can also detect LV thrombi.

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Because of the difficulty of diagnosing the cause of cryptogenic strokes, physicians recommend following a regular heart monitoring regimen to identify the cause of cryptogenic stroke. Several healthy lifestyle choices can reduce the risk of stroke. Consider these seven behaviors and improve your chances of preventing cryptogenic stroke. It's important to note that a cryptogenic stroke may also be caused by a underlying medical condition, such as atrial fibrillation.

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During a comprehensive evaluation of stroke patients, neurologists need to balance cost and thoroughness. Standard stroke investigations should include noninvasive intracranial vessel imaging, brain imaging, and 24-hour cardiac monitoring. If necessary, additional tests, such as blood studies, may be needed to rule out other causes of the patient's cryptogenic stroke. Once these tests have been done, the neurologists can begin to determine whether cryptogenic stroke is related to other underlying conditions.

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There are few proven treatments for cryptogenic stroke. Standard treatment includes taking aspirin for a few days after the stroke. However, in a minority of cases, patients may require an implantable cardiac monitor. This device, however, can be implanted to detect occult atrial fibrillation and begin anticoagulation therapy. However, there are still no studies to confirm whether anticoagulation is superior to aspirin for cryptogenic stroke prevention.

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Patients with a PFO are at a higher risk of having a recurrent ischemic stroke. The condition is associated with a higher risk of ischemic stroke, especially for those with older age. For this reason, PFO closure is a potentially appropriate secondary treatment for cryptogenic TIA/stroke. It may be a good choice for patients who are older than 65 years old. However, studies involving older patients may need to employ large sample sizes.

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