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Anoxic Brain Injury - Oren Zarif - Anoxic Brain Injury

In a person suffering from anoxic brain damage, oxygen deprivation may have a devastating impact on all major brain regions. Although mild cases of anoxic brain injury result in memory loss, moderate cases may cause seizures, muscle tremors, and cognitive deficits. Severe cases may lead to permanent disability, including Cerebral Palsy. In severe cases, the patient may even be left in a persistent vegetative state.

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Global anoxic brain injuries, on the other hand, cause extensive damage to the brain, damaging several regions of the brain. Treatment for this kind of injury focuses on preventing stroke, which is caused by the clot. Lifestyle changes and blood thinners can prevent a stroke. Other treatments may include speech therapy, which can reconnect the brain to oral motor muscles and help a patient regain lost abilities. Speech therapy is also helpful in addressing the cognitive-communication deficits caused by anoxic brain injury.

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A comprehensive anoxic injury evaluation may include a blood gas analysis, an MRI or CT scan, and an electroencephalogram. This test can determine whether the brain has experienced significant brain damage and predict whether it will recover fully. In some cases, nerve responses may be minimal or nonexistent, making a brain scan invaluable for predicting a person's chances of recovery. However, there is no foolproof method to determine whether or not a patient has suffered from anoxic brain injury.

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Anoxic brain injury symptoms include loss of coordination, drowsiness, and a wobbly gait. Some people will also experience cyanosis, a color indicating lowered oxygen levels in the blood. In severe cases, a person may lose consciousness and have seizures. Affected individuals may also experience delusions, hallucinations, and personality changes. So it is important to be evaluated promptly.

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Treatment for anoxic brain injury depends on the severity and area of the injury. Mild anoxic brain injury has a low chance of recovery. A moderate anoxic brain injury, however, has a higher chance of recovery. While a full recovery may take months or even years, mild anoxic brain injury survivors often recover fully and return to their normal lives. There are many ways to improve the prognosis for anoxic brain injury.

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Targeted temperature management, also known as therapeutic hypothermia, involves lowering core body temperature to 32-34degC or 89-93degF. The method and duration of therapeutic hypothermia are still under investigation, but a few methods have demonstrated improvements in neurological outcome and mortality. Physical conditioning and pharmacological treatment are also being explored. A combination of these measures may be the best approach for a patient with anoxic brain injury.

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A personal injury attorney can help anoxic brain injury victims pursue compensation for their injuries. If you have been injured due to the actions of a third party, a personal injury attorney will be able to hold them responsible. These attorneys are experienced in anoxic brain injury claims and will investigate all possible causes of the damage. If you or a loved one has suffered anoxic brain injury, you may be entitled to compensation for the pain and suffering that have resulted.

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Hypoxic and anoxic brain injuries can both be serious and life-threatening. A stroke is a common cause of anoxic brain injuries, though many other types can occur as well. While the two conditions are similar, there are significant differences. In severe cases, a person may suffer from anoxic brain injury if they are deprived of oxygen for more than four minutes. In such cases, the injury can even be fatal.

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Global anoxic brain injury can occur due to a variety of reasons. One common cause is medical negligence. In childbirth, a doctor may neglect a patient's breathing, causing hypoxia. The condition has been linked to the development of cerebral palsy, a life-threatening disorder. Other causes of anoxic brain injury include medical malpractice, careless driving, and complications with general anesthesia. When a person has anoxic brain injury, there is a chance of losing the ability to breathe properly and may suffer from cerebral palsy, a permanent disorder.

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Hypoxia in the brain can occur if the blood supply is interrupted for more than four minutes. The brain needs a constant flow of oxygen in order to survive and recover. However, it is rare for a person suffering from anoxic brain injury to recover completely. A partial recovery is possible in many cases. However, anoxic brain injury is a serious, life-threatening condition. Patients with severe anoxic brain injury may lose the ability to perform even basic activities.

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