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Anoxic Brain Injury - Oren Zarif - Anoxic Brain Injury

A detailed history of the patient's history is essential in the assessment of anoxic brain injury. The history should include any anoxia or immediate resuscitation attempts. Other relevant medical history includes previous seizures, cardiac, respiratory, and neurological conditions. Common contractures of the limbs are the hip flexion contracture and equinus deformity. Sedation, ventilation, and hypothermia may also compromise the clinical assessment of the patient.

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Other symptoms of anoxic brain injury include tremor, seizures, loss of balance, and difficulty performing common tasks. In some cases, patients also experience spasticity and increased muscle tone. Some even experience personality changes. Anoxic brain injury may be the cause of a variety of common childhood syndromes, including depression, delirium tremor, and insomnia. The resulting symptoms may include a lack of coordination and decreased attention span, difficulty with speech and language, hallucinations, delusions, and personality changes.

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Fortunately, many people who sustain anoxic brain injury can recover completely and live a normal life. In extreme cases, however, the severity of the injury may prevent recovery. Fortunately, many mild cases can be treated with physical rehabilitation and can even lead a normal life. If anoxic brain injury is the cause of anoxia, medical treatment will improve your symptoms. A steady flow of glucose and oxygen into the brain will allow your brain cells to grow and thrive.

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Depending on the type of anoxic brain injury, the duration of the brain damage may differ. If the anoxic brain injury is minor, the patient may experience memory loss, but moderate and severe anoxic brain injury survivors may experience cognitive deficits, seizures, and muscle tremors. These symptoms may result in Cerebral palsy. Severe anoxic brain injuries can result in a lifetime of medical care, or in the patient remaining in a persistent vegetative state.

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If your child experiences a developmental delay or is suffering from other neurological conditions, see your pediatrician immediately. If your child displays signs of anoxic brain trauma, your pediatrician may prescribe behavioral therapy and cognitive rehabilitation. Medication for seizures and emotional instability may also be prescribed. You and your doctor may decide to pursue legal action. There are several ways to file a lawsuit. Once you receive a settlement, you may be able to collect compensation.

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Anoxic brain injuries are the result of a complete lack of oxygen to the brain. The brain cells start to die immediately without oxygen. After four minutes, the brain cells begin to die one by one. With each passing second, the death of one more cell reaches a critical level. Childbirth is one of the leading causes of anoxic brain injuries. Other common causes include asphyxiation, drowning, and strangulation.

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If a patient suffers from severe anoxic brain injury, the symptoms will be extreme and may lead to death. In severe cases, a person may go into a vegetative state. This is a state in which the patient has no conscious thought process, but the basic brain functions are still functioning. They may also undergo a period of coma before transitioning into a vegetative state. A prolonged unconsciousness may also prevent the brain from deteriorating further.

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Several medical conditions can result in anoxic brain injury, and there are specific treatments for these injuries. In some cases, however, there is a chance of a full recovery. It is essential to remember that the brain is an essential organ, and any damage to it can leave a person with memory and concentration problems. The brain is a very sensitive organ, so even minutes without adequate oxygen can lead to traumatic brain injury.

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Symptoms of anoxia include agitation, confusion, drowsiness, and seizures. The presence of cyanosis, an indication of low oxygen content in the blood, is particularly noticeable around the mouth and lips. A patient with anoxia may lose consciousness, go into a coma, or experience seizures. In severe cases, anoxia may result in a death or permanent disability.

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