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The initial assessment of anoxic brain injury includes obtaining a complete history of the patient's medical history. The patient, in the majority of cases, is unresponsive upon presentation and no history is available. Information may be gleaned from family members, individuals who administered resuscitation, and outpatient care providers. The baseline neurologic status of the patient is essential and should be ascertained from resources who know the patient well before the event. Ascertaining the length of time that the patient was under CPR and any prodromal symptoms should also be obtained.

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Anoxic brain injury is also possible for mothers whose pregnancy is considered high risk. Preeclampsia and gestational diabetes are known risk factors for anoxic brain injury. Additionally, advanced maternal age is a risk factor. For these reasons, it is important to monitor a woman's health closely to avoid anoxic brain injury. Ultimately, the prevention of anoxic brain injuries is in the best interest of both the mother and her child.

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The extent of oxygen deprivation in an anoxic brain injury depends on the type of trauma and the brain's ability to function. When the brain is deprived of oxygen for four minutes or more, it is unlikely to recover, but partial recovery is possible. Anoxic brain injury can result from a variety of medical conditions and accidents. Without oxygen, brain cells die, and it is critical to seek immediate medical attention.

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Other symptoms of anoxia include confusion, mood swings, agitation, and inability to perform common tasks. The brain can also suffer damage to neurons called neurotransmitters, which transmit messages throughout the body. They also influence behavior, regulate moods, and regulate pain. Other symptoms of anoxia include personality changes, hallucinations, delusions, and confusion. In severe cases, the patient may be unable to function and enter a coma.

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Anoxic brain injury can affect many areas of the brain. Survivors of minor anoxic brain injury can expect only minor memory loss. Those suffering from moderate anoxia may experience muscle tremors, seizures, and cognitive deficits. Severe cases may also develop Cerebral palsy. Those who sustain severe anoxic brain injury may require long-term care in a hospital or even remain in a persistent vegetative state.

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A personal injury lawyer will help anoxic brain injury victims seek compensation from the party that caused the injury. A negligent property owner, medical professional, or caretaker may be held liable for the incident. In some cases, negligence may even be the sole cause of the anoxic brain injury. If the person was at fault for the injury, a personal injury lawsuit may result in compensation. You can also hold the person responsible for negligence by presenting evidence of fault.

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The causes of anoxic brain injury are many and varied. Medical malpractice is the most common. It can occur during childbirth or other medical malpractice. It can also be caused by choking or smoke inhalation. The person may have low blood pressure and anoxia, and his or her brain cells may die. He or she may lose consciousness or even go into a comatose state. Symptoms of anoxic brain injury can include slurred speech and facial drooping.

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While anoxic brain injuries are serious, there are ways to detect them early and treat them before they worsen. The body's reaction is usually to increase blood flow to the brain, supplying it with oxygen. A brain scan will give doctors a better idea of the extent of the damage and how long the patient will be unable to recover. The symptoms of anoxic brain injury are described below. The symptoms may be subtle or more severe, depending on the severity of the anoxic brain injury and the amount of time between the anoxic episode and the scan.

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Hypoxic anoxia, also known as anoxic brain injury, is anoxic brain injury in which oxygen levels are too low for the brain. For at least four minutes, the brain cells will die, resulting in a condition known as anoxic encephalopathy. People with anoxic encephalopathy often suffer from cognitive deficits and physical disabilities. Hypoxic anoxia can also be caused by carbon monoxide poisoning, which appears to damage areas of the brain that control movement. Unfortunately, this gas is often found in malfunctioning industrial equipment, furnaces, or other sources.

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Treatment for anoxic brain injury involves several different techniques. One such treatment involves the administration of hypothermia, or cooling the core body temperature, to an optimal 32-34degC. This is usually done within six hours of the insult, but is not a cure. While the benefits of therapeutic hypothermia are uncertain, it is a safe and effective method to reduce permanent brain damage and maximize the patient's long-term health and functioning.

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